Seminar Series

The Forest Ecology & Management seminar is a collaborative effort between the School of the Environment, Dept. Env. Sciences & Mgmt, and the US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station. Researchers from PSU, USFS, non-profit organizations, timber management companies, etc. attend and present their current research. An overall goal is to connect the diverse community working on forest-related issues in Portland and nearby areas with graduate students. 

April 28, 2016:  Robert Scheller, PSU:  Managing Forest for Change Given an Uncertain Future [Recording Available Here]

December 3, 2014: Jeff Kline, USFS: Defining Timber Harvest, Carbon Storage, and Potential Habitat Possibilities for Western Cascade Forests [Recording Available Here]

November 19, 2014: Sean Matthews, Wildlife Conservation Society:  Managing Carnivores in western US forests [Recording Available Here]

November 12, 2014: Nick Strigul, WSU-Vancouver: Modeling of Forest Dynamics Across Multiple Scales [Recording Available Here]

November 5, 2014: Susan Charnley, USFS:  Conserving Western Working Landscapes [Recording Available Here]

October 29, 2014: Max Nielsen-Pincus, PSU: Watershed scale ecosystem service partnerships: A drinking water strategy for investing in riparian forest conservation [Recording Available Here]

October 22, 2014: John Mills, USFS: Can Tree Planting in Portland, Oregon Contribute to Environmental Injustice? [Recording Available Here]

October 15, 2014: Trevor Jones, PSU: Madagascar's Mangrove Ecosystems and the Blue Ventures Blue Forests Program [Recording Available Here]

October 8, 2014: Jurgen Hess, USFS (Retired): The Role of Fire in Ecology, Forest Health, and Human Habitation [Recording Available Here]

May 29, 2014: Brent Summers Masters Defense: Forest Collaborative Group Effectiveness in Eastern Oregon. [Recording Available Here]

December 3, 2013: Megan Creutzburg, PSU:  Management and climate change in coastal Oregon forests: The Panther Creek watershed as a case study [Recording Available Here]

Wednesday November 27, 2013:  Matthew Duveneck Dissertation Defense: How Do We Manage Forests for Climate Change?  Assessing Resistance and Resilience of Northern Great Lakes Forests [Recording Available Here]

November 19, 2013: Klaus Puettmann, OSU: Building Capacity and Preparing Forest Ecosystems for Surprises [Recording Available Here]

November 12, 2013: Kathleen Wolf, University of Washington: Collaborative Urban Forest Management: Rounding Up More Than the Usual Suspects [Recording Available Here]

November 5, 2013: Chad Davis, Oregon Dept. Forestry: Increasing Forest Restoration Efforts: A Partnership [Recording Available Here]

October 29, 2013: Jean Daniels (USFS) and Nathan Poage (Clackamas Stewardship Partners): Socioeconomic Monitoring of Collaborative Stewardship Contracts on the Mount Hood National Forest [Recording Available Here]

October 15, 2013: Matthew Duveneck, PSU: Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Declining Resistance and Resilience in the Northern Great Lakes Region [Recording Available Here]

October 8, 2013:  Jeremy Spoon, PSU: Collaborative Resource Stewardship on Federal Lands: Creating Pathways for Indigenous Peoples and Protected Area Exchanges [Recording Available Here]

November 28, 2012: Melissa Lucash, PSU: Teasing Apart the Interactions: Climate change and disturbances in the NJ Pine Barrens [Recording Available Here] 

November 14, 2012: Tom Spies, USFS: Fire-Prone Forest Landscapes as Complex Socio-Ecological Systems: An Example from the Eastern Cascades of Oregon [Recording Available Here]

November 7, 2012: Andrew Gray, USFSDisturbance and management effects on carbon storage on forest lands in the Pacific Northwest [Recording Available Here]

October 31, 2012: John Wiens, PRBO Conservation Science: Making Tough Decisions: Triage in Conservation and Management [Recording Available Here]

October 24, 2012: Patricia Cramer, Utah State UniversityThe Use of Science and Adaptive Management to Perfect Wildlife Crossings [Recording Available Here]

October 17, 2012:   Geoffrey Donovan, USFSMaking urban trees count [Recording Available Here]

October 10, 2012: Jeremy Fried, USFSConsensus elusive on managing forests as if climate protection matters: tensions at the science, policy, advocacy interface [Recording Available Here]

October 3, 2012:   Anita Morzillo, OSUOpportunities to integrate human-nature conflicts and preferences in natural resource and climate decision-making [Recording Available Here]

May 16, 2012:  Alec M. Kretchun, PSU:  The effects of multiple disturbances on carbon sequestration in the forests of the New Jersey Pine Barrens under different climate scenario [Recording Available Here]

November 30, 2011: Huancheng Ma: Southwest Forestry University, China: Afforestation in the dry hot valley of Southwest China [Recording Available Here]

November 16, 2011:  Julia Burton, OSU:  The maintenance of plant diversity in managed forest ecosystem [Recording Available Here]

November 9, 2011:  Heather Erickson:  Non-CO2 gas fluxes from Oregon Coast Range soil [Recording Available Here]

November 2, 2011:  Bettina von Hagen, Ecotrust:  Ecotrust forest management: Pursuing the optimal balance among financial targets, desired conservation, and community outcome [Recording Available Here]

October 26, 2011:  Geof Donovan, USFS:  Urban trees and public health [Recording Available Here]

October 19, 2011:  Robert Deal, USFS:  Incorporating ecosystem services into a management framework for public land [Recording Available Here]

October 12, 2011:  Eric White, OSU:  Carbon sequestration and production of forest services [Recording Available Here]

October 5, 2011:  Jean Daniels, USFS:  Timber processing capacity in Oregon: Why mills matter [Recording Available Here]

June 1, 2011:  Marion Dresner and Kerissa Fuccillo and Hannah McDonald, PSU:  Effects of urbanization on Forest Park: Report from the first year of research [Recording Available Here]

May 25, 2011:  Robert Scheller, PSU:  Integrating human interactions into future scenarios of forest change [Recording Available Here]

May 18, 2011:  Simon Bisrat, INR:  Do bark beetle outbreaks really influence fire occurrence in contiguous western U.S. forests? [Recording Available Here]

May 11, 2011:  Ellen Donoghue, USFS:  Social vulnerability in the context of climate change [Recording Available Here] Web site:

May 4, 2011:  Todd Rosenstiel, PSU:  Agriforests, climate,and air quality: The volatile side of biosphere-atmosphere interactions [Recording Available Here]

April 27, 2011:  Louise Loudermilk, PSU:  The interactions of climate change, wildfire activity, and fuel treatments on landscape forest carbon dynamics in the Lake Tahoe Basin [Recording Available Here]

April 20, 2011:  Susan Hummel, USFS:  A comparison of accuracy and cost of LiDAR vs. stand exam data for landscape management on the Malheur National Forest [Recording Available Here]

April 13, 2011:  Miles Hemstrom, USFS:  The Integrated Landscape Assessment Project [Recording Available Here]

April 6, 2011:  Nathan Poage, Clackamas Stewardship Partners:  Monitoring of collaborative ecosystem restoration work in the Clackamas River Basin [Recording Available Here]