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Dr. Anita Morzillo Speaking October 3rd

posted Sep 28, 2012, 1:56 PM by
We are excited to welcome Dr. Anita Morzillo from OSU to our School of the Environment seminar series on Wednesday October 3rd from 4-5 pm Room 71 in Cramer Hall.  Anita will be presenting, "Opportunities to integrate human-nature conflicts and preferences in natural resource and climate decision-making."


Future uncertainties that will impact natural resources, such as climate and human activity, can result in conflict about natural resources management when considering human preferences for those resources.  Urban areas are of particular interest because of resource existence among a relatively high density of humans.  This presentation will illustrate opportunities for linking human-nature conflict and human preferences about  natural resources in a manner that may be useful for efforts to integrate the needs of humans with management and future environmental uncertainty.  Illustrations of that will be made using evaluations of urban residents within two ongoing projects: 1) the Portland-Vancouver Urban Long-Term Research Area exploratory (ULTRA-Ex), and 2) human-wildlife conflict along the wildland-urban interface

This seminar series is a collaborative effort between Portland State University School of the Environment and the US Forest Service Pacific
Northwest Research Station.  Live streaming of the presentation has been funded by USFS:

A list of upcoming presentations and recordings of past presentations 
can be found at: