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Alec Kretchun Awarded NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute Fellowship

posted May 30, 2012, 1:18 PM by   [ updated May 30, 2012, 1:21 PM ]
Alec Kretchun (MEM 2012) has been awarded the NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute Fellowship

He will be traveling to Seoul, South Korea in early June to collaborate with Dr. Dongwook Ko.from the Institute of Environmental Research at Kangwon National University.  His award includes travel expenses and stipend.

His project seeks to gather empirical data on forest resources in Korea and begin parameterization of a spatially interactive forest landscape model (LANDIS-II) for use in projecting the development of Korean forests under global climate change. In the coming century, anticipated climate change will have dramatic impacts on forest resources across the world. In Korea, land use and disturbance history has created a forest unlike any that has been seen on the peninsula before. He will accompany a well-established researcher, Dr Dongwook Ko, and his lab on field site visits to gather empirical data and gain an understanding of the important succesional and community dynamics in the forests of Korea. He will use empirical data, remotely sensed data, expert opinion and past experience to begin generating parameters for a model that will ultimately be used to estimate carbon cycling for the entire nation of Korea.