What Does God Think About Abortion?

                                                        Is it wrong or is it irrelevant?

        Calling all Christians...

        Do you think that you can thwart the will of God?  Do you think you can change what God wants to happen, the God that made heaven and earth and every thing in it including you?  Do you really, really, deep down in your heart of hearts believe you can thwart the creator?  No?  Why then do you think an abortion will stop the will of God, stop a person from being born that God wants on earth?  Think of it this way.  Could Mary have decided not to have Jesus?  Could Mary have elected to have an abortion? It must have been confusing to both Mary and Joseph and particularly embarrassing to Joseph to explain to anyone how his virgin wife, (the virgin Mary) was about to have a baby.  Abortion must have been available in the days of Christ. After all an unmarried woman with no man to take care of her was a pariah.  Many had to sell themselves to survive and unwanted pregnancies were probably common.  Pragmatically abortion was an option available to this couple. Could they have hired an abortionist and thwarted God?

        Absolutely positively NO!

        Most women that  abort go on the have other children.  Did your mother or grandmother have an abortion?  Who is to  say that an aborted spirit, will not return to ultimately be born as God intended.  I find no fault and I don't think God  does either in a pregnant woman that decides now is not the time for a baby or perhaps another baby. They say “because money is too tight,” or “I'm working too many hours.  No time for a baby now,” or “the babydaddy has disappeared.  He took our dream of a family with him.” These are just a few of the multitude of reasons that dictate “now is not the time.”  “Maybe later but not now.”  And God forgives, God understands the woman is making her decision on the best information she has at the time.  God will wait because time means nothing to him.  God can make time stand still if he wants.

        Those who would interfere in a woman's right to reproduce or not reproduce will say abortion is a crime and a woman may not participate in this crime EXCEPT... in case of rape or incest or where the life of the mother is in danger!  Isn't rape and incest the same thing? So now who is playing God I have to ask?  Who decides which life is more important and which life is not?

        The Catholics teach that abortion is a sin.  They believe stopping abortion is “saving babies.”  The Oregon Baptists support a measure to change the Oregon constitution to forbid the public funding of abortion.  In 1984 the Oregon supreme court decided abortions would be available to all women who felt the need, at taxpayer expense if necessary.  Shouldn't all women in Oregon have equal access to health care? The court thought so and it was a  wise decision in my opinion,

        What these Christian “do gooders” believe in their heart is that by withholding their tax  dollars they have “saved a baby.”  “End abortion and save the babies.”  Save them from what or save them for what?  Now that they have saved some babies are the Christians jumping up to provide financial support to the mother, health care, help with food, clothes, transportation costs or childcare money while the mother works, because she will have to work harder now!


        Do they think God is sitting up in heaven throwing down a few babies now and then to see how many the Baptists and Catholics can save?  My big problem with Catholics in particular is their philosophy of asking a woman to continue having babies while offering absolutely no financial support.  “Sorry we can't help you out, but keep on having babies.  We'll pray for you and be sure to come to church on Sunday.”

        In my mind this is a philosophy of “hatch'em and abandon'em,” like turtles that lay their eggs in the sandy beach and then leave never returning to care for their young.  The will of the creator can not be thwarted.  The turtles that are supposed to live will live, and the turtles that are supposed to die will die.  It is the same with humans.  The ones that are supposed to be here will be here and the ones that aren't won't!

        Pragmatically folks, that's the way it is.  We humans often wonder why God allows death and destruction, why some die and some live to see another day.  I happen to believe our Lord has a master plan, one which we will probably never understand.  But I have  come to believe that abortion as we understand it is irrelevant.  Some eggs will hatch, some  won't!

Don DuPay

September 2012