Author photo by Wes and Dotty Weber, on the steps of the old residential Lotus Hotel, April 2014

Book signing and reading at St. John's Booksellers! 

EVENT: Don DuPay author reading and book signing - Open to the public. 
DATE: Friday, March 6th, 2015
TIME: 7:30-9:00 pm
PLACE: St. John's Booksellers book store
ADDRESS: 8622 N. Lombard Street, 
Portland, Oregon. 

This will be the first book signing/reading of my police memoir, "Behind the Badge in River City: A Portland Police Memoir." St. John's Booksellers is a family owned book store, run by Ms. Nena Rawdah, right in the center of downtown St. John's, and near to The Wishing Well. This reading event will be advertised in the Willamette Week newspaper and also The Mercury newspaper, in the coming weeks. Come to this first reading/signing and hear some of the moving and surprising stories, from my new book, "Behind the Badge in River City; A Portland Police Memoir." 

Don DuPay
November, 7th 2014


Dear Readership: If you would like to order my police memoir, please click on the active link below to access Amazon.com and you will be able to order my book, directly. This book will also be made available as an eBook through Barnes and Noble. Thank you for your patronage and support, and please enjoy!

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July 26th, 2014

Behind the Badge in River City; A Portland Police Memoir, is a fascinating first-hand account of the Portland Police Department during the gritty 60's & 70's. DuPay's compassionate and insightful book paints compelling--and sometimes disturbing--portraits of a cop, a police department and a city.

Brian Lindstrom~

Renowned Portland Film-maker, director, and producer of Alien Boy; The Life and Death of James Chasse.



12 October 2012
Channel 2 interviewed me for this story, on the Columbus Day Storm, back when I was a young cop with PPB. Its a great little story, click on the active link below and enjoy. 

                        Don DuPay