The Military Commissions Act

       October 29th, 2006, originally published online at A View From the Street

    HoHum...Yawn, yawn.  Does anyone realise what the hell happened to us this month, (October 2006) or are we all too busy watching Entertainment tonight?  Is it what we don't know, what happened or we don't understand  Both I suspect.

     I have been telling you for months that this President is stealing our rights, that the constitution is dead, that the Patriot Act is really an act of treason. I told you how they declared the Rainbow gathering this year in Colorado a "National Incident" and practised their terrorism protocol by arresting people for just being there, trying to get there, and their attorneys were not allowed to see them or represent them.  I told you secret trials were held in a fire house.

     A lot of people see what the supposedly elected Reps have done to us, but too many do not.  I didn't elect anyone to congress that would suspend the constitution.  Did You?  Did you want our country to become the country our forefathers came here to get away from?

Don't you know that George Washington, the hemp grower, Ben Franklin, the hemp grower and Abe Lincoln, the freer of slaves, have not only turned over in their graves but are still spinning.  They must be thinking we have all lost our minds.  Didn't we learn anything from them?  What is the old cliché?  If you don't learn your lessons from history then you are bound to repeat them?

     Well fuck me if I want to go back to the ways of Nazi Germany!!!

     So what can we expect next from these guys?  Bush now has the power to arrest us all or any of us for any reason they think up.  Could he declare Martial Law?  Could he suspend the next election and just take over?  Yes he could.  What kind of incident/disaster would it take to tighten up the power grab?  Certainly, another national incident real or made up, like they blew up the world Trade Center. Is the West coast in for something big?  Will they blow up the Golden Gate bridge?
Bush needs a threat on both coasts of Americka to frighten us into submission.

     Could Martial law work in Amerika?  NO!!

     The country is too big geographically. Home land security was not able to manage even a regional disaster like Hurricane Katrina.  Not that they really cared about helping people, but still it was beyond their ability to manage.  Martial law was easier to manage in Nazi Germany. Germany is a small country.  I lived there for two years and you can drive from one end of the country to the other on the autobahn in about 3 hours.

The Feds do NOT have the manpower to control us.  Not as easy as locking up the Japanese during WW2.  And what happened to their constitutional rights?  Didn't the government finally apologise to them?  Who is going to apologise to me?

     I am already hearing talk from real patriots about not letting this bastard take the country away from us.  Just try and declare Martial law on independent Oregonians, independent folks in Montana, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming.  We still have a frontier mentality.

     And finally, the national guard, already sick of the war in Iraq, would have to control us to make it work.  Are your neighbors in the guard going to enforce Martial law against you?  The short answer is no!

     I have given you some of the possibilities of what might happen next.  Figuring the administration's next move head long at us won't be easy, but you know it will not be good.

     While we were sleeping, eating, watching TV and having  sex, they took our country
What are we going to do about it?

By Don DuPay