Creating Reality

The Cosmic connection

Published in "The Transformation Times" April 1992

                You have at your disposal the most powerful force in the universe. It is within your ability, the ability of your mind, to create all that you need! The building block of the universe is energy. Energy is the lowest common denominator of all things physical. Look deeply into all matter and you will find that it is really made up of just molecules, electrons and atoms, IE, energy. Molecules, electrons and atoms all moving around each other at the speed of light. So although some things seem solid, tables, chairs, flesh, it is actually not solid, but merely energy moving at high speed. Yes, it looks solid, feels solid and is intended to be so, but it is still just energy!

                You are actually a generator. Your mind and emotions are powerful generators of pure energy. Think of thoughts and emotions, because they are one and the same, as small electrical building blocks. If you keep stacking up these building blocks, these units of electrical energy, IE, if you keep thinking the same thoughts over and over again you will build or create what you have been thinking.

                The more you stack these thoughts together, the more solid or physical they become until “all of a sudden,” they “ pop” into what we call reality. Now the generator works whether we consciously control it or not. It is always “ON.” And this is important, all energy moves in circuit. It returns with the same intensity with which it was generated. If positive thoughts are generated, positive things will return. If negative thoughts are generated, negative things will return. The return of generated energy is “karma.” Karma is what you get back because of what you put out. It is all electrical. Like a computer, garbage in, garbage out.

                If we are then what we think, we can change what we are by changing our thinking!

                Instead of being the victims of our lot in life, we a re actually the architects of our existence, the creators of our reality. Our job in life is to realize this and become responsible for our own existence.

                What the entity we call Christ was talking about when he spoke of faith as small as a grain of mustard, he meant it is enough, for it is the first electrical unit, the first building block. Keep adding electrical units or thoughts, and it will be!

                Create by becoming obsessed. The person who says, “I want to be _____________

                more than anything else in the world,” and will not take no for an answer, will become it. Knowingly or not they have focused enough energy to create it.

                Do not be mistaken, you create events and situations just as easily as you can create things. They are formed the same way, one thought, one electrical unit at a time. I have used this awesome power successfully many times. I know it works!!

                Being in charge of your thoughts is a sobering responsibility. Analyze your thinking. If your thoughts are about something you don't want to occur in your life stop thinking them. Don't give what you don't want any energy.

                Stop the building process in its tracks. Don't complete the building. Withdraw and cancel that energy. Switch instead to something that you do want in your life and concentrate that energy in both thought and deed.

                If when you awake in the morning, you say, “I just know things aren't going to go right today, “It's Monday, Mondays are always bad, “Another day, another dollar in the hole,” you are setting up the conditions for a negative day. What else can you expect if your day turns out bad, you ordered it?

                So much of our automatic thinking is negative in nature and produces negativity in our lives. We can just as easily change our automatic thinking to positive thoughts and create positive things in our lives. When we come to realize we are connected to and are part of the very power of the Universe, we no longer need to seek access to that power through another person, not minister, not priest, not Mary mother of God, not anyone. Your power is within you. Simply turn it on and focus the energy on what you need and want, remembering that it will come back to in direct relationship to the intensity with which it went out. Know also, that power must have balance, a positive and a negative. Only by knowing one side of the power, may you know and appreciate the other. Nature is balanced to illustrate. Love and hate. Ebb and flow. Night and day. How do you know “day” unless you know “night?” How do you appreciate success without knowing failure? Like the drunken man staggering down a narrow corridor, we find the center only by bouncing off both walls.

                Experiencing it all, positive and negative, is how we find our balance. It is how we find our center, for the center of our energy is within. To spend an existence seeking the world over for the answer to life's questions, only to find that what you sought was always within you and under your total control is the ultimate cosmic joke. The spirit has a sense of humor, for what you seek for without was always within!

By Don DuPay

Published in "The Transformation Times" April 1992