Project Definition


Like many organizations across the country, PSU is at a crossroads where data driven decision-making is essential to remain competitive and financially sound in an environment with rising costs and reductions in state funding. To meet our Business Intelligence (BI) needs, the DataMASTER project was launched in February of 2010. DataMASTER is guided by several principles:

Access and Delivery

  • Support a culture of fact-based management to drive decisions, actions and outcome
  • Create and maintain an environment of open information access
  • Provide and environment that is easy to use, understand and easily accessed

Evolving Process

  • Support alignment with university goals and measures
  • Encourage solutions that can be leveraged across business units
  • Maintain a consistent level of service and availability of information while migrating to the new system
  • Implement a process that supports expedient change, communication and education
  • Promote continuous process improvement


  • Decisions are based upon changing core objectives
  • Pursue governance with cooperation and collaboration
  • Maintain and environment of transparency and information sharing
  • Seek collaboration and engagement from across the university
  • Balance university wide requirements with unique campus and school requirements
  • Continue to be responsible stewards of university resources
Although much has been accomplished since the launch of the project, a new effort is required to transition the campus into fully embracing a business intelligence culture.  The legacy university reporting environment is a disconnected collection of data and reports from multiple disparate sources, which causes extraordinary inefficiencies and frequently generated inconsistent results. Phase II of the DataMaster Project offers a renewed focus and expanded scope which requires a significant investment in funds, energy and commitment. Additionally, Phase II includes numerous business process improvement initiatives.  

Project Goals

  • Create a single, organized, accessible repository for factual data regarding all facets of the work we do at PSU.
  • Improve and streamline business processes, enabling data to be collected in a coherent, consistent and logical fashion.
  • Provide the reports and data needed to become a data driven decision-making university.
  • Create an environment of open information access that is easy to use and understand.
  • Eliminate shadow systems which can be integrated into Banner and the Operation Data Store (ODS) warehouse.
  • Transition necessary data models and reports from BI Query to Cognos and terminate access to the BI Query Tool.