All University Committees

What are All University Committees?
These committees are key elements of Faculty Governance at Portland State University. Constitutional committees report to the Faculty Senate, and administrative committees report directly to the University President. To assure student representation on all matters of policy, the ASPSU President nominates students to sit on these committees. Any student can sit on these committees, and all students are encouraged to do so.
Please contact:

University Affairs Director
Jonathen Gates

503.725.3454 (office)


1. Academic Advising Council
2. Academic Appeals Board 
Filled At Present
3. Academic Requirements Committee
4. Budget Committee - Filled At Present
5. Campus Alcohol and Other Drug Policy Committee
6. Campus Safety Committee 
7. Child Development & Family Services Advisory Board
8. Educational Policies Committee - Filled At Present
9. General Student Affairs Committee
10. Graduate Council
11. Graduation Program Board
12. Institutional Assessment Council
13. Intercollegiate Athletics Board
14. Internationalization Council - Filled At Present
15. Library Committee
16. Publications/Student Media Board
17. Scholastic Standards Committee
18. Student Conduct Committee
19. Teacher Education Committee
20. Traffic Appeals Board
21. Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
22. University HIV Committee
23. University Studies Council
24. Honors Council