T4 - Technology Subjects


  • A new edtech portal aimed at teachers of the technology subjects is now open to the public. The portal has an individual forum for each of the technology subjects, a blog for discussions in areas of interest and various videos and photographs.  << edtech portal >> 
  • On-line Application forms to attend Professional Development Sessions:  << On-line forms >>
  • Autumn 2012 Professional Development Program:   << Details >> 

T4 Case Study

A t4 case study has been posted on the SolidWorks Teacher blog and the SolidWorks Education Facebook page.   SolidWorks is one of the world leaders in 3D CAD software and their software is used in over 75 countries worldwide.  The SolidWorks Education blogs and Facebook page will be seen and commented on by educators in universities and technical colleges around the globe.  Some positive news for the Irish Education system in these difficult times.         SolidWorks blog and Facebook page  

Where are the T4 resources

While the new PDST site is being developed the resources developed by T4 and details of upcoming events will continue to be posted on the T4 website at:  www.t4.ie