Seminar Session 2 School Self Evaluation

Session 2 School Self-Evaluation is the second presentation given on the seminar day. It looks at improving literacy and numeracy in schools using self-evaluation as the starting point.

The 'Diamond Nine' activity on Self-evaluation used at the seminar can be downloaded below. This activity involves ranking nine statements concerning self-evaluation, in a diamond shape, from most to least important. The nine statements need to be cut into strips for this activity. It could be used with staff to explore the implications of self-evaluation for a school.

The school self-evaluation tools explored on the day are also available to download below.  This folder contains many different types of self-evaluation tools that a school may chooose to use at different times, depending on the area they wish to review. It includes such things as pupil and parent/guardian questionnaires, checklists, Oral language profiles and a SCOT analysis.

To help schools analyse their standardised test results, two excel files are provided below. One allows data to be inputted and analysed at whole school level for one year while the other allows up to three years data to be analysed.  The excel file creates graphs which allows schools identify areas of strengths and concerns, school results can also be compared to the National Norm (Bell Curve).  This may assist schools in setting realistic, evidence based targets.

Another useful tool to assist schools in analysising their results is the Cd which accompanies the Sigma-T test. This allows teachers see which strand units pupils are performing well in and which strand units need further attention. More details on the Cd are available here..  There is also an on-line tool for each class level which allows the Sigma-T results to be analysed in this way. It is available to download by clicking on this link;
The Ballard/Westwood Timed Arithmetic Test, referred to during the session on Target Setting, is included as an attachment below.  The zip folder includes the test itself, a record sheet and an information sheet giving guidelines on the use of the test. 
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