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Cells Vocabulary

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mitochondria - provides energy for the cell 
nucleus - controls all cell activity 
vacuole - large storage areas for water, food and other substances like wastes 
chromosome - long threadlike structure found in nucleus that controls traits 
cell membrane - outer covering of animal cell that controls movement in and out of cell 
cell - the smallest part of a living thing that can still carry out all the life processes 
organism- any living thing that can carry out its life activities on its own 
osmosis- diffusion of water through a cell membrane 
diffusion- movement of materials from a crowded area to a less crowded area 
Robert Hooke- 1st scientist to use the term cell to describe what makes up cork 
Anton van Leeuwenhoek- 1st scientist to see a one-celled organism 
golgi bodies- stores proteins and carbs in membrane bound vessicles 
lysosomes- necessary in intercellular digestion; where digestion of cell nutrients takes place 
cell wall - thick rigid outer boundary of cell; provides structure and stability for cell 
cytoplasm - gel like substance that fills cell; allows organelles to move freely 
nucleolus - makes ribosomes (RNA) from protein and sends it out to cell  
smooth ER - transports materials through the cell 
rough ER - speckled with ribosomes, rough ER is involved in the production and export of proteins, glycoproteins, and hormones 
ribosomes - where RNA is translated into protein 
chloroplast- food factory in plant cell; where chlorophyll is found that aids in photosynthesis 
Showing 20 items