Proximity Drilling Management LLC experience-based "real-time" and off-line MWD analytical services

Cost Effective real-time IFR/MWD SINGLE SHOT services now AVAILABLE

also MWD survey planning, real-time monitoring and survey correction services:

MI-DAR services (Magnetic Interference-Detection and Ranging) 

Real-time single shot MWD survey corrections with uncertainty estimates using the PDM correction method 

Referrals to and management of suitable vendors of ranging services (active and MWD-based) when needed for possible collision avoidance or well-bore twinning operations.

Management of all ranging services needed for all drilling situations including well-bore intercepts, collision avoidance, and relief well operations.

PDM is closely associated with ABEL Engineering for assistance with cost-effective relief well service contingency planning and operations.

Worldwide Activity Map

Today's Geomagnetic Activity (detail)

A link to a demo of our MWD Viewer App (still in development, use with care):

revised 11 July 2018

"What should I do if I have an unexpected "hot" survey"?

1. Check  the nearest geomagnetic activity (USGS here at left for North America) 

2. Repeat your survey to eliminate "noise" from possible tool movement.

3. If 1 or 2 do not return to previous levels for Btotal and Dip, POOH 5 ft and repeat the survey. 

If there is significant change in Btotal and or Dip in Step 2 or 3 please  call us at 

+1 903 600 0842 (24/7/365 with notice).

For more information contact us at  or Call                   +1 206 200 3786 

Other frequently Asked Questions:

How do I really know if I have a good survey and how "good" is it?
Call PDM

Can I correct a survey with only Btotal, Dip, and raw Azimuth values?
Yes, call PDM

What are acceptable levels for survey-to-survey changes in Btotal, Dip, 
and Btotal-Dip?
Call PDM

What are the proper QC thresholds for Btotal, Dip, and Btotal-Dip on my job?
Call PDM

What is the "uncertainty" in the MWD survey I just took?
Call PDM

How can I know if a "hot" survey is caused by a nearby casing string?
Call PDM

Is there anything I can do before I call out a gyro service to confirm my hole direction? YES ! call PDM

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