Research grants

-   19/02/2014 -

    Contract with Veneto Nanotech srl Prot. 543 del 19/02/14

    Activity: Characterization of chips for biosensing

    Scientific Responsible: MG Pelizzo

-   19/06/2013 –14.12.2014

    ASI-INAF Agreement for BepiColombo, Scientific Activities - Phase B2 / C, WP2200 calibrations PHEBUS, Addendum 2 

    Scientific Responsible: Maria Guglielmina Pelizzo

-   01/10/2010 - 30/09/2013

    Cariparo Foundation, Call for Excellence Project 2009/2010, Project Title ADvanced Optics for next generation radiation sources (ADORA),

    Scientific Responsible: MG Pelizzo

    Activites: Development of optics for of ultra-intense ultrashort extreme-ultraviolet pulse manipulation and applications to new sources such as the free electron        laser.


-   17/09/2012- 17/05/2014

    ASI-INAF I/013/12/0 Accordo attuativo per Solar Orbiter, Supporto scientifico per la realizzazione di strumenti METIS e SWA/DPU nelle fasi B2/C, WP 1170

    Activities: Development of optical coatings for coronagraph METIS. 

    Scientific Responsible: MG Pelizzo


-   01/04/2011 -  22/02/2013

    Project POR-CRO part Fesr Action 1.1.1 Support to research activities, processes and networks of innovation and business creation in sectors with high

    technological content, Project title: Cleanroom for testing and integration of optical and opto-electronic devices: its construction, installation and use.

    Scientific Responsible: M.G. Pelizzo


-   22/6/2010-22/6/2013

   ASI-INAF BepiColombo, Scientific Activities - Phase B2 / C, WP2200 calibrations ESA PHEBUS, PI Eric Quemerais, CNRS Latmos, France

   Activities: Calibration of the spectrograph CNRS-Latmos under an agreement between the Italian Space Agency and the Frensch CNES. 

   Scientific Responsible: M.G. Pelizzo


-   13/9/2010-13/9/2012

    Collaboration Agreement between Elettra Synchrotron scpa and CNR-IFN UOS Padova

    Activities: Development of optical coatings for application to FEL FERMI@Elettra.

    Scientific Responsible: M.G. Pelizzo: MG Pelizzo,

-   25/10/2010 - 25.10.2011

   UNIPD-CISAS - ASI-INAF Solar Orbiter I/043/10/0 WP 1140 for the Multi Element Telescope for Imaging and Spectroscopy (METIS), "Design, spectrometer,           multilayer, detectors"

   Activities: development of components for the coronagraph METIS on board ESA Bepi-Colombo. 

   Scientific Responsible: MG Pelizzo


-   26/01/07

   CNR-INFM-UNIPD under MPO BepiColombo MMO ASI / INAF I/090/06/0 instrument PHEBUS phase A WP4200

   Scientific Responsible: MG Pelizzo

-  2003-2005

  Project-INFM Ponte SENSERIT 2002: Development of a sensor with spectral sensitivity corresponding to the erythema action curve for total effective irradiance       measurement

  Scientific Responsible: MG Pelizzo