Yearbook Orders:
Yearbooks are now on sale. We use Smart Pay to process our orders. They will be mailing order forms to the addresses on file in the office. If you do not receive an order form or would like to order online, please visit and follow the directions on the homepage. 

Yearbooks will be $70 if purchased from Smart Pay. They will be accepting orders through mid-January. Any yearbooks purchased directly from Mrs. Smagala after January will be $75. 

We receive many comments about the price of the book being high. Please understand that your book actually costs around $125 from the publisher, but we only charge you half of the cost. To make up for the other half, the yearbook staff works hard to sell business and baby ads, as well as participate in various fundraisers throughout the year. 

Senior Baby Ads:
All baby ads for seniors must be turned in before Thanksgiving break. The cost of each size ad is as follows:
1/8 page: $50 (the size of a business card, approximately 1 photo and 5-20 words)
1/4 page: $100 (approximately 1-3 photos and 5-25 words)
1/2 page: $200 (approximately 1-6 photos and 5-50 words)
Full Page: $400 (approximately 1-10 photos and 5-75 words)

Please understand that if you submit too many photos and writing, we will simply not be able to fit everything in your ad. Please include an email address and/or phone number, in case we need to discuss your ad. 

Please do not submit any type of nude photos (diaper/potty/bath). Even though these are baby pictures, we cannot publish them. 

Business Ads:
We would love to showcase your business in our business ads section. The cost of each size ad is as follows:
1/8 page: $50 (the size of a business card)
1/4 page: $100
1/2 page: $200
Full Page: $400 

Please do not submit artwork that has been written on or stapled. We will scan your artwork directly into our software, so any marks will be seen. If at all possible, it's best to simply submit digital art in .jpg or similar format. 
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