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posted Sep 8, 2011, 6:51 AM by Jerry Boyd   [ updated Aug 30, 2012, 11:32 AM by Renee Craig ]

There was a great turnout for the Class of 2016 class meeting this past Tuesday night. Officers were elected to serve as Freshman Booster Organizers. Co-Presidents are Tammy Bush and Sandy Brewington; Vice-President is Terry Herron; Treasurer is Regina Walker and Secretary is Lisa Stanton! Thanks so much to these parents for their willingness to serve! As a group, the parents voted to donate $20.00 per semester in lieu of fundraising. This money will be turned in to the freshman advisors. If a parents would like to organize a fundraising event instead of donating the money, they will just need to contact the officers and give them their ideas. Any ideas are welcome! We will be collecting any and all decorations to use for the annual class hall decorations for Homecoming. Students and parents will be decorating the hall next Tuesday, September 4, from 3:00-8:00pm. They need everyone's help to make this successful. Parents are asked to start stocking up on tape, construction paper, and every bee they can find to help decorate the hall with. Let's make this the best hall ever!


 Class of 2016 Fundraisers : Graduating classes generally complete two large fundraisers per year.  These fundraisers are done in order to raise money to decorate their hall every year, to put on Prom, to help with Project Graduation, etc.  Fundraising involves a lot of time.  Just simply trying to get everyone to participate and sell involves many man-hours.  Plus, for those who do participate, there are even more hours and products involved.  

*In an attempt to avoid these problematic issues with fundraising, we’ve discussed the following option with the students: a $10 donation from each student each 9 weeks.  The students have said that giving up one item from the Coke and/or snack machine per week in order to save $10 for their class each 9 weeks would be very acceptable to them  

*There are 200 students in the Freshmen Class.  If each student gives $10 each 9 weeks, in ONE year, they would raise $8,000!!  That would be $32,000 by the end of their senior year!!  AND it’s all completely, totally possible!  This class really seems like a great class and we can go far with them!!!        

Family and Community Engagement

Class Sponsors

Melanie Wattenbarger - Chairperson - (Media Center)
Carol Buckner (Rm 102) -        Dana Harrison (Rm 122) -
Stephanie Davis (Rm 323) -        Jason Holcomb (Rm 116) –
Bobbi Severt (Rm 110) -                Julie Mayfield (Rm 307) -
Ben Herron (Rm 301) -                Robin Scott (Rm 103) -
Steve York (Rm 114) -

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