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MAIL:  How-To and Steps for Beginning.

A. Mail - Settings 

    Set-up your "" e-mail to be accessed within PCSSTN Mail - ONE Inbox for all your Mail

** You will need to know your current password for an existing "" e-mail account before proceeding. **

  1. Login to your PCSSTN Mail account at:
  2. Access Settings (upper right of window) click "Cog" icon, choose Settings from drop down menu:
  3. Select "Accounts" when you are in Settings window:   
 4. In Accounts section, click "Add a POP3 mail account you own"


5. Enter the FULL e-mail address -- such as this example: 

6. Most important step -- complete entries and pay close attention to the highlighted fields:

Enter your settings and they will closely match the above example.  Pay close attention to these items:
  • Username - that must be your full e-mail address, including the domain of ""
  • POP Server - it must be entered as shown;
  • PORT - choose 995 in the drop down listing;
  • Check the two options as shown;
  • Add Account -- click when finished. Choose SAVE if prompted.  IF you had e-mail messages in your INBOX, they will begin to be pulled into your PCSSTN Mail account and will be labeled to identify they came from the account.

  • Future messages sent to the e-mail will now be pulled into the PCSSTN Inbox.  

2. Access PCSSTN Mail on your Mobile Device

This link provides Support documentation for accessing your PCSSTN Mail on iPhone, Android, and other Mobile devices.

3. Move Contacts from webmail to PCSSTN Mail

View this PDF:  K12 contacts to PCSSTN   -- it's a Visual step-by-step guide to export Contacts and Contact Groups especially from Zimbra webmail to PCSSTN gMail.  

4. Need more Support -- submit a Technology work request 

Johnny Sloan,
Aug 20, 2012, 6:19 AM