Mission Statement

Building the Future Child by Child

The mission of Park View Elementary is to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which students are challenged intellectually through inquiry-based learning to master academic and social skills.

Each student will....

  • be treated as an individual
  • function effectively as a member of a group
  • become a productive citizen and lifelong learner
  • communicate effectively
  • develop a positive self concept
  • feel safe and comfortable within our facility

Staff Beliefs

  • A qualified, motivated, and dedicated staff is essential for successful student learning.
  • Instruction and instructional programs must be relevant, creative, and challenging.
  • All students deserve a safe, nurturing, and pleasant environment in which to learn.
  • Daily attendance is critical for successful student learning.
  • Community and parental support is fundamental for student learning.
  • Clear goals and high expectations must be established for students and staff.
  • Communication between parents, teachers, and administrators empowers everyone to become involved in student learning.
  • Recognition of excellence in students and staff promotes successful student learning.