About Park View

Building the Future Child by Child

About Park View Elementary School

Park View Elementary School was established in 1952, and has always been located at the present address. The school houses Kindergarten and 1st through 4th grades. The school's mascot is a Panda, and its colors are blue and white.


The State of Tennessee Curriculum is followed. Supplemental remedial and enrichment programs are also provided to students. In 1997, a manipulative (hands-on) Saxon math program was implemented at all grade levels. Some grade levels also incorporate the Shurley English program into their own curriculums.

All classrooms are equipped with one or more Macintosh computers. Students can access the library card catalog from their classroom in addition to accessing the worldwide Inter net.

Students are scheduled once a week in a Macintosh 15-station computer lab in Park View. The lab is taught by a graduate assistant from Tennessee Technological University.

The library is completely computerized. Students check out books electronically, in addition to having access to encyclopedias, dictionaries, as well as the Inter net.

As a result of Park View obtaining a GOALS: 2000 grant in the amount of $22,000 from the state of Tennessee in 1997, a K-4 Multimedia Science Center has become a reality for students and teachers.