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NES Eagle's Nest

posted Feb 28, 2017, 12:37 PM by Tonya Burgess

In January we started having NES “Eagles’ Nest” group meetings.  What is an Eagles’ Nest group?  We feel it is very important for all students to feel connected to others throughout the building, which includes teachers and older/younger students.  Each student has been assigned to an adult within the building to meet with once a month.  Their small group will meet and discuss social skills as well as getting to know each other in order to build confidence, connections with others, and develop common social skills.  These Eagles’ Nests groups are designed to help develop positive relationships throughout the building.   In January, students met the members in their Eagles’ Nest group and discussed 20 Things You Should Say More Often by Kid President.  These items are very powerful!  On the days we have Eagles’ Nest meetings, we ask you to make every effort to get your student to school by 7:50 in order to help your child get to their group on time.  Ask your child who their Eagles’ Nest leader is and what they discussed today.  

We held our second Eagle’s nest meeting on February 24th and it was great!! Ask your child about the advice Kid President gave for making new friends.  The general idea was to embrace each other’s differences.  Hopefully your child can name at least one new friend they have made in their nest group.