Policy 6.205

Enrollment for any given school will be determined as follows with priority given in order to students 
as designated priority number below:
  1. Students living outside the zone who were enrolled the previous year and students of teachers  and staff in that school and in schools within the feeder pattern;
  2. Students living in the zone;
  3. Students who are siblings of students currently enrolled; and 
  4. Students living outside the zone.
Students attending a school outside of the zone may finish at that respective school to the highest grade 
level and within the following grade level structures:  K-4 and 5-8.  Students moving from one grade 
level structure to the next grade level structure shall enroll at their respective zoned school and will be 
given priority for exceptions as listed above (items 2-4).

Parents may elect to enroll their children in any school provided the parent provides transportation to 
and from that respective school1 that such choice does not cause overcrowding in the chosen school; 
and the enrollment does not compromise state-mandated class size ratio compliance.

The director of schools has the authority to close enrollment at a school based on total student enrollment. Enrollment may require that students be transported outside of their respective zoned school until 
space becomes available.

Legal Reference:
1. TCA 49-6-3102 through 3103; OP Atty. Gen. 99-055 (March 9, 1999)