Examination Rules & Regulations

Before the start of the examination 
  • The reporting time for school is as usual during the examination period. 
  • Examination papers will start and end according to the time stipulated. No extra time will be given to latecomers. 
  • Candidates are to be seated at least 10 minutes before the start of the examination paper. They are to sit according to the class register numbers or the official index numbers for national exams. 
  • Candidates should be properly attired in school uniform. 
  • Candidates are to bring all the materials needed for the examination. They include blue / black-ink or ballpoint pens, 2B pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, mathematical instruments. 
  • Candidates are not allowed to bring into the examination room any unauthorized notes, mobile phones, or any other electronic devices capable of storing and displaying visual and verbal information such as digital cameras and MP3 players. 
  • All bags, files, books, notes, water bottles, mobile phones (switched off), etc. are to be placed outside or at the back of the examination room as instructed by the invigilator. 
  • Candidates must listen to the Invigilator and follow instructions at all times.
During the examination 
  • When the invigilator goes through the question paper(s) and answer booklet(s) at the start of the examination, candidates should check that the page numbers and the numbers of the questions are in running order. They should check for missing pages or defective printing such as missing questions, unclear or smudged printing, etc. If there is any defective or missing page, candidates should notify the invigilator by raising a hand to have the defective copy replaced. 
  • Candidates should read all questions carefully. 
  • When the invigilator instructs the candidates to amend the examination question paper(s), answer sheet(s) or script(s), etc. candidates should make sure that they do so accordingly. If they have any question(s), they should clarify with the invigilator. 
  • Only pens are to be used for writing answers. Primary 1 to 3 pupils are to use pencils. 
  • If candidates need to change their answers, they should cross them out neatly and re-write the answers. Candidates are advised not to use correction fluid/tape. 
  • Candidates should use only a 2B pencil to shade the bubbles on the OAS (Optical Answer Sheet). Each question should only have one bubble shaded. If candidates wish to change their answers on the OAS, they should use a soft eraser to erase the shaded oval completely before shading the new oval. 
  • Candidates will not be allowed to borrow anything from or return anything to (e.g. stationery, mathematical instrument, calculator, dictionary, etc.) the other candidates while the examination is in progress. 
  • If help is needed, candidates should raise a hand and wait quietly for the invigilator to come to them. 
  • Candidates should not to talk or communicate (verbally or non-verbally) with other candidates during the examination.
Candidates must comply with the following regulations: 
  • Do not cheat or assist in cheating. 
  • Cheating is a major and serious offence. Disciplinary action will be taken against candidates found cheating, attempting to cheat or helping others to cheat in an examination. 
  • These are some examples of cheating: 
    • (a) Candidate copies from another candidate and/or allows his/her answer to be copied by another candidate. 
    • (b) Candidate is found in possession of learning materials, notes, answers, etc. 
    • (c) Candidate is found in possession of electronic or electrical equipment such as MP3 player, palm-top, mobile phone, calculator watch, or items such as Chinese e-dictionary, Chinese dictionary (hard copy), calculators which have not been approved for use at the examination. 
  • Do not turn and look around at other candidates as this may be mistaken for cheating. 
  • Do not talk or communicate.
At the end of the examination 
  • Candidates are to stop writing immediately when told to do so by the invigilator. 
  • Candidates are to hand in all question papers, writing papers, answer scripts and OAS to the invigilator. Candidates are not allowed to take any question or writing paper (used or unused), answer script or OAS out of the examination room. 
  • Candidates are to be quiet and remain seated while the invigilator collects the examination papers, writing papers, answer scripts and OAS. 
  • Candidates are only allowed to leave the examination room when the invigilator dismisses them. No candidate is to leave the examination room before the end of each paper. 
Use of Dictionaries and Scientific Calculators 
  • Only SEAB-approved Chinese dictionaries (electronic and hard copy) are allowed for Paper 1 of the Primary 5 and Primary 6 Chinese and Higher Chinese examinations. For an updated list of approved Chinese dictionaries, please refer to the SEAB website using the following QR code. 
  • Only SEAB-approved models of scientific calculators are allowed for Paper 2 of the Primary 5 and Primary 6 Mathematics / Foundation Mathematics examinations. The hard plastic cover of the calculator and the calculator manual should not be brought into the examination rooms. For an updated list of approved calculators, please refer to SEAB website using the following QR Code. 
Absence from internal examinations 
  • Pupils unable to sit for a paper due to illness should pass the medical certificate to his/her form teacher on the day of return. The school will only accept medical certificates from general practitioners, the polyclinic and other medical institutions (doctors registered with the Singapore Medical Council). No marks will be awarded if the pupil who is absent for the paper does not have a medical certificate or a valid reason. The final calculation will be based on the available assessment marks and calculated up to 100%. (Details will be given through Parent Notifications on Exam Matters for the respective levels). 
  • There is no re-sitting of the examination papers for pupils who have medical certificates or valid reasons. Pupils will sit for the papers as practice papers. An exception is made for absentees (with valid medical certificates) for Primary 6 Preliminary Examination to sit for make-up papers in consideration of their admission to secondary schools if they are absent during PSLE. 
  • In addition, to ensure fairness in our system, only pupils who have sat for all the examination/assessments are eligible for the year-end book prize. 
The school reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations whenever it deems appropriate and necessary for the well-being of the pupils. 

Updated on 25 December 2019.