Updated on 30 December 2019. 

School Start Date

The new school year will start on 2 Jan 2020 (Thursday) for P2-P6. All P1 students will report on 6 Jan 2020 (Monday). This arrangement will enable the school to ease its transition to single-session in 2020. There will be no lessons on the first three days of school as there will be Orientation programmes planned for the students.




Reporting Time



2 and 3 Jan 2020


7.15 am

1.30 pm


P1 - P3  :
PE T-shirt and shorts

P4 - P6   : 
Top: PE T-Shirt
Bottom: School skirt with PE shorts for girls, PE shorts for boys

6  Jan 2020


7.15 am

  *Students are requested to report at 7.15 am so as to get everyone ready for morning assembly. Students are only considered late for school if they arrive after 7.30 am.

Students are required to bring their water bottles, stationery for classroom activities and the following story books:

·  English story book on 2 and 3 Jan 2020

·  Chinese story book on 6 Jan 2020

School Student Care Center (SCC) – P1 Start Date – 6th Jan 2020

For P1 parents whom have enrolled their children in the SCC, please note that the start date for P1 SCC will be on 6 Jan 2020 as well.

Please note that all SCC student dismissal will be only at Gate 4.