General Announcements

Migration of CCA Portal Site (Last updated as of 23 June 2021 6pm)

Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

Please note that with effect from 23 June 2021 6pm, the school will be migrating our CCA Portal Site. Please use this link to access the new CCA Portal Site for the updated information with regards to various CCAs.

Thank you and enjoy the new experience navigating our new site!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Resumption of CCAs (eCCA mode) (Last updated as of 21 June 2021 6.18pm)

Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

Please note that the school is gradually resuming the CCAs while monitoring the national posture very closely. We are going to start with the commencement of eCCA sessions from Term 3 Week 2. We will move on to face-2-face CCA sessions for selected CCAs upon further notice. Please refer to the respective CCA webpage for greater details.

Thank you and stay safe! 

Suspension of CCAs (face-to-face and eCCA sessions) till further notice  (Last updated as of 16 May 2021 10.17pm)

Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

Please note that in view of the heightened in the Covid-19 National Posture, we will suspend all CCAs from 17 May 2021 to 13 June 2021. Please allow the CCA coordinators some time (these couple of days) to make the necessary changes to the respective CCA schedules in the various communication channels (including the respective CCA portal webpage in the above tabs). Do regularly check in with us here for further updates on CCA matters. 

Thank you! Stay strong and safe!   

CCAs with vacancies for students interested in signing up for 2nd CCA (Last updated as of 29 March 2021 9.50am)

1) Chinese Orchestra (Boys and Girls)
2) Chinese Dance (Girls and for Boys too!)
3) Choir (Boys and Girls) 
4) Chinese Calligraphy and Ink-Brush Painting (Boys and Girls) 

Students who wish to take up the second CCA from the list above are to take into consideration the following:
1) Ability to cope with commitments for both CCAs
2) The possible clashes in CCA schedule especially when the CCAs increase their training frequencies in the week
3) The increase in academic rigour as students advance to Upper Primary levels 

All 2nd CCA applications must go through Mr Jacky Yong (, instead of direct to the CCA Coordinators. Thank you. 

2021 P3 Actual CCA Selection and Allocation Exercise (last updated: 17 March 2021 5.20pm)

Dear parents'/guardians of P3 students, 

1) You may refer now to the Excel sheet attached (at the bottom of the page) to check on your online submission for the Actual CCA Registration. 

2) Please note that your child will still be able to participate in the Actual CCA Selection and Allocation Exercise via google form link

Do kindly note that the registration period is from 12 March 2021 (this Friday), 5.00p.m. to 17 March 2021 (next Wednesday) 12:00noon.

Please refer to SN21_87 for more details.



Nice read for parents and students

“Six months of hard work, what was it all for if you lose?”

26 Feb 2021

The River Valley High School Floorball Team at the ‘A’ Division Floorball Girls Finals. Photo credit: Daryl Ang, 2019.

P3 CCA Experience Programme and P3 Actual CCA Training Schedule* (last updated 20 Jan 2021 2.10pm)

MonTue Wed ThurFri
1. Table Tennis
2. Choir (For P3 CCA Experience and thereafter) 
3. Wushu & Lion/Dragon Dance (For P3 CCA Experience and thereafter) 
4. Strategic Board Games
5. #Digi.ME 
6. Scouts (Group 1)
7. Chinese Dance
8. Chinese Orchestra
9. Chinese Calligraphy and Ink Brush Painting
Basketball (change from Friday due to unavailability of coach)
1. Chinese Language Oratory Club (running in Enrichment mode and interested students have to contact Mr Tang Lok Sing or Mdm Sun Sheau Yu directly)
 No CCA1. Wushu & Lion/Dragon Dance (for Actual CCA training after Experience Programme)
2. Let's Play Sports

1. Volleyball
2. Science and Gardening
3. Scouts (Group 2) 
4. Choir (for Actual CCA training after Experience Programme)
5. Brownies
6. Art Club

*Please note that the days of the P3 CCA Experience Programme and P3 Actual CCA Training Schedule may change whenever necessary. 


2021 P3 CCA Experience Programme (last updated 18 Jan 2021 11.40am)

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Please take note of the tentative timeline for the 2021 P3 CCA Experience Programme and Selection Exercise:

Date/ Month/ Period



Term 1 Week 2, Thursday (14th Jan) to Term 1 Week 3, Thursday (21st Jan, 12 noon)

Primary 3 students to select up to 3 CCAs of own choices for the 2021 Primary 3 CCA Experience Programme.


Term 1 Week 4, Tuesday (26th Jan) – Term 1 Week 4, Friday (29th Jan)

Primary 3 students to receive customized schedule (hard copies) for 2021 CCA Experience Programme.


Term 1 Week 5, Monday (1st Feb) to Term 1 Week 10, Friday (12th Mar)

CCA Experience Programme: Primary 3 students, who have signed up for the CCA Experience Programme, to observe and participate in the CCA activities according to the customized schedule.


Term 1 Week 10, Friday (12th Mar) to March Holidays Wednesday (17th Mar, 12 noon)

CCA Selection Exercise: All Primary 3 students to select their CCAs.


Term 2 Week 1, Tuesday (23rd Mar)

Processing and release of students’ allocated CCA choice (online).


Term 2 Week 2 (29th Mar)

Start of CCA programme for all participating Primary 3 students

You may start to register your child/ward for the 2021 P3 CCA Experience now via the link 


Things to note:

1)    Options made in this CCA Experience Programme can be different from the options made in the actual CCA Selection Exercise. The options made in CCA Experience Programme will not be considered in the CCA Selection Exercise.

2)    Each student can only select up to 3 CCAs, ONE from each CCA group namely 1) Physical Sports, 2) Clubs and Uniformed Groups, 3) Visual and Performing Arts.

3)    The selection is NOT on first-come-first-serve-basis.

4)    Students have to strictly adhere to the customised schedule which will be issued to them in Term 1 Week 4.

5)    If the schedule clashes with other school programmes (e.g. P3 Math Olympiad (MO) / leadership training), please let your child attend the MO / leadership training first and join the CCA Experience session later (if possible).

6)    There will not be any replacement date for the CCA dates assigned to the students.

7)    This CCA Experience Programme is OPTIONAL. Students who choose not to participate in this programme are still eligible to participate in the CCA Selection Exercise to select their actual CCAs.


CCA Schedule for 2021 (Last updated as of 13 January 2021 1.45pm)

Based on the prevailing national posture and current MOE guidelines, we aim to resume physical (face-to-face) CCA sessions for all CCAs in 2021. For the safety and well-being of our students and staff, we will continue to adopt a careful and calibrated approach in resuming physical CCA sessions in 2021 in line with MOE’s guidelines.


We will reach out to our parents again towards the end of the 2020 to confirm the format for 2021 CCAs. In the meantime, we kindly request parents to – as per our after-school schedule – set aside the following days with general timings for most CCAs in 2021:

  • Monday and Friday afternoons. To reserve Monday and Friday afternoons for CCA sessions (2.15pm – 4pm, but do kindly note that some CCAs may end latest by 5.30pm if their CCA sessions start later in the afternoon.
  • Specific timings for the respective CCAs will be disseminated by the CCA Teachers in charge via PCPS CCA portal.

Mon Tue Wed ThurFri
 All CCAs except Chinese Language Oratory Club
Table Tennis
Chinese Language Oratory Club
Chinese Dance
 No CCABasketball
Table Tennis
Wushu & Lion/Dragon Dance
Let's Play Sports
Chinese Dance

Table Tennis 
Science and Gardening
Art Club

We seek your kind understanding and support in this please. Thank you for your partnership and support in the holistic development for your child/ward.


Categorization of CCAs 

Physical Sports CCAs: 
1) Basketball
2) Let's Play Sports
3) Table Tennis
4) Volleyball
5) Wushu and Lion/Dragon Dance

Visual and Performing Arts CCAs:
1) Art Club
2) Chinese Calligraphy and Ink-Brush Painting
3) Chinese Dance
4) Chinese Orchestra
5) Choir

Clubs and Societies CCAs:
1) #Digi.Me Club
2) Science and Gardening Club
3) Strategic Board Games Club (with Chinese Chess and Weiqi)
4) Chinese Language Oratory Club

Uniformed Groups:
1) Scouts
2) Brownies