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Attendance - How do I get a report of anyone with 2 or more unexcused absences


In Aeries School go to Attendance accounting.

in the cycle you want to run "M"

That will give you all the options you need to get what you want.


I would start with the following options:


a. Which report to include?  (2) Absences in all periods

b. Sort by?   (1) Student

c. Choose the reason(s) you want on the report.

d. Then at bottom minimum number to include (2)


 Grades- How do I get a report of anyone with below a 2.0


This depends on 2.0 in what? Current grades? Semester grades? Transcripts?

To look at any one mark:

Go to Grade reporting.

Choose "M" Ineligibility Report

 See attached GRADEREPORT instructions below.   This is for a chosen grade reporting period.



Go to view all reports and filter for GPA


1.       GRD is current mark GPA  (for GRD I would use the Ineligibility report)

2.        HIS is Transcript GPA


The report gpa listing by term has a ton of  options, including limit by GPA.


If you use the reports listed there you may want to add a query condition.

You add the query condition on the view all reports screen in the upper right.

The condition you want is like this  stu.tp < 2.0

The fields you need to know are the GPA fields because you are going to want a filter if using reports.




GPA Type Weighted

Aeries Query field

(Un weighted)


Aeries Query field

Academic GPA   (w)                  


(Un weighted)



Total GPA (w)


(Un weighted)



10-12 GPA (w)


(Un weighted)







 Behavior-  Report anyone with 3 or more office referrals this year


Okay for this on I need more info... Sent to office by teacher 3 times?

How are you guys recording that info?

 You could go to view all reports and filter for discipline.

 Remember that DIS is entered in classroom by teacher  ADS is entered in office.

How to I print Locator Cards? Class lists for students

High School Aeries Student Locator Cards ,
When the school year starts Print locator cards from STU.
Two ways to get there.
Go to Student > Reports (lower right conner of form)> G. Print Student Locator Cards

Or View All Forms > Filter for Locator Cards > choose the cards that have STU as the table listing

Please be aware that if you print the locator cards from the student scheduling cycle you are printing the class schedule from the SMS, student scheduling cycle, the data is before we roll classes to the master. Any changes after the roll will not show up on locator cards printed from there.

Jeanne Garland,
Apr 2, 2012, 12:04 PM