PATHWAYS COMPASS is a secure, easy to use, Internet based Community Information Sharing System, which meets HUD Homeless Information System (HMIS) requirements. PATHWAYS COMPASS is a versatile system that is used for:
  • Case/Care Management
  • Emergency Financial Assistance/Disbursements
  • Care Navigation/Emergency Room Diversion
  • Community-wide Assessments, Outcomes and Reporting
  • Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) Clearinghouse
  • Emergency and Transitional Housing Reservations
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COMMUNITY CARD - Provide valuable photo identification and cut your data entry time by up to 90% when your clients carry our scannable Community Cards. From instantly accessing client records to completely automating complex data entry processes, the Card can meet a wide range of agency and community needs.

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DATA CONNECT - Create and run custom reports on demand using CISS/HMIS data and popular office or statistical software. Our Data Connect service securely links Microsoft Excel, Access, Filemaker, SPSS, SAS and many other software programs to our data systems, enabling you to quickly design and run your own custom reports, graphs and charts with no additional training needed.

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TRAINING AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE - Pathways is known for effective, evidence-based instruction, customized to meet federal, state and local regulations and other community needs. Classes, conducted online or in person, include:
  • Systems (CISS/HMIS) User and Administrator Training
  • Ethics and Privacy Instruction for Social Workers and Front Line Staff
  • Best Practices Training for Case Managers
Pathways also offers technical assistance to community partners, ensuring that their system implementations are in compliance with federal and state regulations, and industry best practices.

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Key Benefits

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