THE PATHWAYS INFORMATION CENTER includes customized, interactive reporting classes and consulting services targeted to the needs of community partners and individual organizations that want to fully understand their data and use it to maximize their effectiveness. Choose from: 
  • Excel Spreadsheet/Pivot Table Analytics 
  • Ad Hoc Reporting with our DATA CONNECT Service 
  • Charts and Data Driven Presentations 
  • Hourly Reporting Consultation Services 
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DATA QUALITY MONITORING - our team of data quality experts assesses current CISS/HMIS data on an ongoing basis, identifying areas of low data quality and completeness and providing you with immediate feedback on your community’s or organization’s performance. We then follow up with customized staff training to address areas of deficiency. We provide technical assistance in data quality management and assist, when requested, with establishing, implementing and maintaining a formalized review process for compliance, including formal review (audit) processes.

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DATA ENTRY AND REPORTING - working from your intake and discharge forms, our experienced data entry personnel will accurately enter all required information into your community’s CISS/HMIS and will produce federal, state, local and private funder reports as required on a monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis.

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DATA ANALYSIS - Our researchers conduct studies that help you assess needs, measure progress and advocate for additional resources. We work to understand issues at individual, organizational and community levels. Our research team has completed significant work in the areas of poverty, at risk populations, homelessness, health care, families and HMIS data analysis. Services include:
  • Research and Data Analysis - surveys, population counts, interviews and focus groups
  • Program Evaluation - needs assessments, process analysis, cost-benefit analysis, performance measurements and strategic planning
  • Data Collection Training
Pathways research services are client centered, community driven and solutions focused. The end result: compelling, detailed information that helps you understand your community's needs and make your case for greater support.

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Key Benefits

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