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Updating Veteran information after the 2014 Data Standards change

posted Feb 24, 2015, 11:21 AM by Jeremy Knorr

With the 2014 Data Standards (release as of 10/01/2014), the Veteran information page has changed to included: different Theaters of Operation descriptions, additional Discharge Status options, and the retirement of some previous optional information. With these changes COMPASS ROSE had to change the entire previous Veteran Information page. In doing so, it was determined that there was no good "one to one" transfer of the old page to the new 2014 Data Standard page. This in turn will require some data "Clean-up" for existing Veteran clients in the system prior to the October 1st switch.


The new Veteran page COMPASS ROSE has provided a button to view previously entered information. This "report" can be used as reference when entering the information to the new page format. Using this report, users should re-enter the required information in the new format. (NOTE: the previously entered information is not a summary page and should not be anticipated to be captured on any reports.)