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Staff Profile: Meet Elvin Mainor

posted Oct 26, 2015, 3:29 PM by Barb Buhs   [ updated Oct 27, 2015, 10:03 AM ]
In a recent conversation, TA Elvin Mainor took a few minutes to express his thoughts about expert customer care.
"I am most proud of strengthening our partnerships in the St. Clair County Continuum of Care in Illinois," said Elvin Mainor, Technical Assistant at Pathways/MISI.

  Elvin explains his strategy. "At the time I was introduced to our partners in St. Clair, there wasn't a very high comfort level with HMIS."

"Understanding the importance of maintaining good customer relationships is key," he said. "I was able to assess the concerns of agencies and staff and create a plan to tackle the tasks at hand. With direct support and consistent review of COMPASS ROSE functionality, the community has a better understanding of the system and a greater confidence in our ability to meet their needs.

" 'Committed' describes me best," said Elvin. "True leadership is the ability to stay focused on a task, relationship, or vision. It is easy to move on or leave when the going gets tough or things are not working in your favor. To persevere and see the fruits of our labor is truly living."
When asked about a hero, Elvin denied having one. "I feel that those who pay the ultimate price to affect change in our society as a whole are heroes."

Elvin relaxes by playing Golf. "I’ve been an avid fan and player for about 15 years," he said. "There’s nothing more relaxing to me than enjoying the serenity and challenge the game presents."

Elvin can be reached at 404-636-9933 extension 320 and