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SSVF upload issues related to the 2014 Data Standards

posted Oct 7, 2014, 10:11 AM by Jeremy Knorr
We have discovered a few issues with the SSVF uploads that you should be aware of when receiving any errors back when trying to upload. Although, the VA has said that there is nothing new to be added for the October upload, and since we were given no guidance to change the current report yet, there are things to consider.

You may receive various errors regarding a "99" value. This value is the new "Data Not Collected" value. If this is selected for any of the clients being uploaded, you will get an error back. Until the report is changed to acknowledge this response you should refrain from using this as an option.

Another we noticed is a value of "30" under destination. This too is a new value per the 2014 standards that the repository does not recognize. To correct these types of issue, please change this response as it should not have been used until the refined export is created. According to the VA this should happen before the next upload in November.

There may be another code related to a new data element option that is not recognized by the upload. If you encounter any such responses, you can correct these for the client listed. If you need any special attention with fixing the errors, feel free to reach out to one of the TA's