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New SSVF Upload Reports

posted Nov 3, 2014, 12:08 PM by Jeremy Knorr   [ updated Nov 3, 2014, 12:14 PM ]

SSVF Grantees:

Please be advised today, November 3, 2014 is the first day for the VA Repository Upload.  There are changes to the upload process when submitting your agency monthly information to the Veterans Administration.  

Report changes:

Under REPORTS in the DATA EXPORT tab, the category called "SSVF (2014)" now exists. This report incorporates NEW Data Standards for the repository. The report has been upgraded from 7 CSV. files to 9 CSV. files that will need to be compressed (zipped) and uploaded into the VA Repository. Going forward, please use the "SSVF (2014)" the VA Repository Uploads. If you encounter any problems or errors please Contact Support.



Use "SSVF (2014)" for repository upload