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Announcing COMPASS ROSE version 6.1.3

posted Aug 14, 2015, 1:04 PM by William Matson   [ updated Aug 14, 2015, 1:04 PM ]
On Monday evening, August 17, Pathways/MISI will release version 6.1.3 of the COMPASS ROSE Client Information Sharing System/HMIS. The following describes functionality to be included in the release. 


You can now allow other agencies to see information about a client’s participation in your projects. This new feature of COMPASS ROSE provides agencies with an opportunity to collaborate and improve services to shared clients. This feature is controlled by a new field on the Agency Project Maintenance page. You will see a new field with SHARE and NOT SHARE radio buttons, that allow an agency administrator to activate project sharing or disable it. This control preserves the privacy of protected agencies within the system. 

Agency Administrators will set up housing and service projects in the same way. Simply click to enable the sharing of a client’s project participation history.
new project.png

Data Collection

3.16 Client Location - Two changes
  1. Agency Administrators are now required to select at least one CoC Location value for the Client Project Location field when setting up Continuum Projects. COMPASS ROSE will no longer allow this field to remain blank.
  2. Users will now be required to complete the Client Location field when enrolling a client into a Continuum Project. This ensures the Client Location is included in federal reporting.
COMPASS ROSE v6.1.3 also includes new data fields.

2.5 Method for Tracking Emergency Shelter Utilization

Agency Administrators can now use the “Emergency Shelter Bed-Night Tracking Method” field to specify a “night-by-night” count of a client’s stay in an emergency shelter Project.

This tracking method allows users to enroll a client in an emergency shelter project and record a service record with the description “Overnight Stay” for each night of the shelter stay. If the client is not enrolled properly, and the user attempts to save the service, COMPASS ROSE will display the following alert:

To use this Service Need Code, your client must be enrolled in a single project that uses the night by night bed night tracking method. Please enroll your client or report this message to your Agency Administrator or select a different Service Need Code.

4.18 Housing Assessment Disposition

COMPASS ROSE now collects client exit information for Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) projects. The following message displays on the Project Specific Exit Information.
Several federal partners require information about clients at project exit. Select the correct funding source from the list below and enter the information indicated. If none of the funding sources listed below apply, click NEXT.

The “Housing Assessment Disposition (if required for your CoC’s Coordinated Assessment protocol)” field will allow the user to describe the type of referral provided to the client.

4.19 Housing Assessment at Exit

Project exit information is now collected for Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS (HOPWA) and Continuum of Care (CoC) projects.

The “Housing Assessment at Exit” field allows the user to indicate whether the client was able to maintain a housing subsidy during project enrollment.


This new release resolves several issues reported by users. They are:
    1. Assessment Date
    2. Exit Date
    3. Client Location
    4. Pregnancy Due Date
    5. Household Income as a Percentage of AMI
    6. The Assessment Date is now entered in mm/dd/yyyy format. (The previous format was dd/mm/yyyy.)
    7. A project Exit Date must be later than a project entry date. The system no longer allows entry of an exit date which precedes the date the client entered the project.
    8. The Client Location description will remain in the client file after the client exits the project. This information is entered at project entry, and it no longer disappears at project exit.
    9. The Pregnancy Due Date can now be changed on the Client Current Status screen.
    10. The AMI value for SSVF project participants will no longer disappear when the client is enrolled in subsequent projects. The AMI value was not being retained correctly when a new project enrollment occurred. This problem has been resolved. You can correct this information on the Project Specific Information screen for any client appearing on your Data Quality report missing this information.

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