Pathways Community Network Institute is a nonprofit organization that supports communities as they help human services providers work together, reduce costs and increase the impact of their services, so more people find the path to success. These tools give communities the power to:
  • Help people who are in need to connect with and receive human services, including housing, counseling, financial assistance and health care
  • Help ensure that the services that people obtain are appropriate and effective
  • Generate data that can be used to monitor the long term impact of these services
Pathways was founded in 1995 as a collaboration of 28 nonprofit and local government agencies in metropolitan Atlanta, committed to providing their clients with greater access to care, and more effective care.

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In the years since, Pathways has responded to community partners' needs by developing
strong Data Services program, with a focus on CISS/HMIS implementation issues and compliance with government regulations and human services sector standards. Our Data Services team has earned national recognition for ...
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