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Please send the completed application form and $180 check for the one time registration fee to the address below. Applications are accepted throughout the year. The school year starts in April. Applications for the new school year will be accepted starting the previous November. Applicants are encouraged to apply early since applications are accepted in order of receipt. After the class fills, applications will be filed in the waiting list. Classes may be cancelled subject to the enrollment. Informational meetings are scheduled in January to February.
JASL has a different calendar and fee.

Send applications to:
Princeton Community Japanese Language School
14 Moore Street
Princeton, NJ 08542

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Tuition and Fee Rates

*Each grade has its own, independent capacity.

Elementary School
Gr1Gr4 (Capacity by grade: 25) Tuition $110.00/month
Gr5&Gr6 (Capacity by grade: 25) Tuition $113.00/month

Junior High School
Gr7Gr9 (Capacity by grade: 25Tuition $117.00/month

K1, K2, K3
 (Capacity by grade: 20) Tuition $110.00/month

Princeton Course
Gr1Gr6 (Capacity by grade: 15) Tuition $113.00/month
Gr7Gr12 (Capacity by grade: 15) Tuition $117.00/month

Gr1Gr8 (Capacity by grade: 15) Tuition $510.00/semester

Adult/High School (Capacity by grade: 15) Tuition $550.00/semester

High School 
Gr10Gr12 (Capacity by grade: 25) Tuition $117.00/month

Optional Courses

Math (Capacity: 15) Tuition $38.00/month

Japanese Culture/Current Affairs (Gr7–9) Tuition $20.40/month

Above fees include the classroom usage fee but don't include books and supplies. Tuition and the cost of books and supplies will be collected quarterly except the cost below. 

Books and Supplies

Japanese: $84.00/year
Arithmetic: $54.00/year

Junior High
Japanese: $60.00/year
Mathematics: $21.00/year


For further information, call (609) 683-5080 or Email at office@pcjls.org