JASL & Community Courses' Registration Start!

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and following the order of the Rider University, Princeton Community Japanese Language School is closed until further notice. If you have any questions, please contact us at office@pcjls.org.

Changes for Entrance Ceremonies in response to Covid-19

Welcome to Princeton Community Japanese Language School

Princeton Community Japanese Language School (PCJLS) is located in beautiful central New Jersey. Students from preschool to high school and adults come from all over New Jersey as well as surrounding states to learn Japanese on Sundays.

PCJLS offers various courses to accommodate different needs for Japanese learners;

»Monka-sho Course
The Monka-sho courses are based on the Japanese education standard. These are the courses for native Japanese speakers who want to maintain and improve their Japanese language at the same school grade levels as those taught in Japan. The curriculum is intended to facilitate those students who may go to Japan to have a smooth transition to Japanese schools and society.

»Princeton Course
Princeton courses are uniquely designed program for students who want to enhance their Japanese language and cultural understanding. The classes are taught in Japanese and are suited for those students who have some background or knowledge in Japanese language. Students are often come from families with permanent or long term residency in the US.

»JASL Course
»Community (Adult/High School) Course
The Japanese as a Second Language (JASL) course offers various levels of classes for both school age students as well as adults. This program is for the non-native speakers who would like to study Japanese and culture as a second language with little or no background in Japanese.

»Kindergarten Course
Early start program emphasizing Japanese language and culture.

»High School Course

PCJLS is a non-profit organization of New Jersey and a Japanese hoshu-ko approved by the Japanese Ministry of Education. PCJLS provides many traditional Japanese events including New Year calligraphy, Tanabata Festival, School wide Field Day, and Class Performance Day, so that students can experience real Japanese school life.

PCJLS Office
14 Moore Street, Princeton, NJ 08542
Phone: (609)683-5080, FAX: (609)683-7624
E-mail: office@pcjls.org
Office Hours: Tue.–Fri. (10am4pm)

Sunday Office
Rider University, Memorial Hall, Room 301
Phone: (609)895-5628 (Sunday Only)
Office Hours: Sun. (11am4:30pm)
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