Submission Guidelines

  1. Beginning in 2015 HKEJ will revert to a single issue per year format. Submission deadline for the July  2018 issue will be February 28, 2018.

  2. Manuscripts should be written in English. Papers in the field of literature follow MLA style; those in the fields of linguistics and English teaching adhere to APA style. Manuscripts should be double-spaced and typeset in 12-point Times New Roman. Notes should appear in the form of footnotes.

  3. Manuscripts should be close to 20 pages or 7000 words in length, inclusive of separate English and Chinese abstracts, each with 3-6 key words below. HKEJ's length standard is flexible based on the merit and the originality of the submission, but articles that depart significantly from these guidelines will face a reduced likelihood of acceptance. 

  4. All submissions and correspondence should be transmitted electronically via e-mail. Please submit electronic files of the manuscripts (in Microsoft Word) to To complete the submission, you have to fill out the “Author Data Form” in our cloud drive via this link: In case you are not able to access the form in our cloud drive, you may download another version of the form (available at and send it along with your manuscript by email.

  5. All submissions will be reviewed first free of charge by the in-house editorial committee. The approved manuscripts will then be evaluated by two anonymous outside reviewers. A referee fee of NT$ 2,000 will be paid for the outside blind review at the authors' expense. Due to technical difficulties that may arise in currency conversion and money transfer, authors living outside Taiwan may apply for a fee waiver for outside reviews. The editorial committee will make its final decisions based on the comments of the reviewers.

  6. There must be no indication of author's personal identity in the manuscript. Any reference to the author's previous works should be in the third person. The author’s name and affiliations should appear on a separate sheet.

  7. Accepted manuscripts will be returned only as electronic files after galley proofs and revisions are done.

  8. Our journal will not consider for publication manuscripts being simultaneously submitted elsewhere. Revised chapters of M.A. theses or Ph.D. dissertations may be submitted for consideration. The author should indicate that his/her submission is part of his/her degree work in a revised form.

  9. Upon acceptance of his/her article for publication, the author is required to sign a copyright agreement form (available at

  10. The author will receive one copy of the journal upon publication. PDF offprints are available on request at the time of publication.

  11. Book reviews should cover books published within the last five years and should be around 2 pages in length. They should include full bibliographical data at the top of the text, as well as the total number of pages (including the front matter pages) in the book. The bibliographical data should be written as such: Herman Rapaport. Milton and the Postmodern. Lincoln and London: University of Nebraska Press, 1983. xiv + 270 pages.