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最新卷期: No. 19 (2013/12)

期刊編號 22188088
刊名 Hwa Kang English Journal
並列刊名 華岡英語期刊
國際期刊標準號碼 1008-9500
刊期別 年刊
作品語文 中文;英文
出版地區 台灣
出版品類別 期刊
出版單位 中國文化大學英國語文學系


序號 篇名 作者 頁次
 1How to Say No: Learning Cross-Cultural Differences in Refusal Strategies from Films曾嘉悌(Heather Chia-Ti Tseng)1-22
 2Two Decades of Changes in the English Ability of Freshmen at a University in Taiwan 幸雅各(James M. Sims) ;
劉正(Jeng Liu)
 3English Exit Tests and Actional Effort among University English Majors 杜凱蕾(Carol Troy) 53-86         
 4The Effects of Extensive Reading on EFL Learners' Attitudes陳蓉娟(Jung-Chuan Chen)87-108
 5On the Discourse Functions of Preposed and Postposed Temporal Adverbial Constructions姬少軍(Shao-Jun Ji)109-130
 6The Grammaticization of the Progressive Marker Zai in Mandarin Chinese張麗香(Li-Hsiang Chang)131-156 
 7Literal Games: An Investigation of the Usage of Sarcasm in \"Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan\"李奇碩(Chi-Shuo Lee) ;
張蘭心(Lan-Hsin Chang)
 8'Lovely English': A Pilot Study on the Development of a Taiwanese Dialect of English薛帝逢(Steven Schäufele)187-198
 9A Book Review of \"30 Reflective Staff Development Exercises for Educators\"Aaron David Mermelstein199-202
 10A Book Review of \"Grammar and Vocabulary for the TOEIC Test\"William L. Mooney Jr.203-207