Top 10 FAQs                                                                             
1. Why do I get an error trying to access websites after I login?  Try accessing a new website, or try clearing your browser history and cache (see
2. How do I update my Chromebook to the latest version? See instructions availabl at
3. How do I save files from my Chromebook to Google Drive?  You can copy files from "Downloads" to Google Drive by clicking and dragging them into the Google Drive folder in the Files app. For more info on the Chromebook File App, please click here
4. How do I find my Google Account information?  
See your school media specialist or get it through your    parents in MiStar ParentPortal.
5. I don't have internet at home.  How can I get it for free or low cost?  EveryoneOn* partners with local Internet service providers, EveryoneOn is able to offer free or $9.95 home Internet service in 48 states, including Michigan.  For more information, please visit:
6. What if I have Chromebook problems?
Outside of school, please contact or leave a message at 734-288-8121. If your Chromebook is not working properly or is broken (for example, has a cracked screen, broken corner, is missing a key or other issues) - please take it to the Technology paraprofessional of your home school for assistance (see

7. Why is it important to report my Chromebook problems right away?

All device damage and issues should be reported to the Technology paraprofessional within two (2) business days. The insurance company reserves the right to deny claims based on untimely reporting. If a claim is denied for any reason, the family will be held liable for the entire cost of the Chromebook’s repair/replacement.
8. Why is the school web filter blocking sites on my personal computer / Chromebook at home?
The district’s web filter is tied to the student’s Google account. If the student is logged into a Chromebook or logged into the Chrome browser on a computer, the web filter settings will be applied. (Note: logging into the Chrome browser itself is different from just logging into your email - see On a personal computer, once the Chrome browser is closed, the student will be automatically logged out of the Chrome browser if logged in with their account. While logged into a personal Chromebook or the Chrome browser on a personal computer, the student can open an incognito window to bypass the filter. This method will not work on a school-issued Chromebook.
Graduating or Leaving the District?
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