Article 18.62 Health Insurance Trust

18.62 Health Insurance Trust Fund.  The College will provide to the Health Insurance Trust Fund the following amounts to provide health insurance assistance to members of the bargaining unit who have no health insurance plan available to them through the College:


            FY 17-18         $40,000

            FY 18-19         $40,000


            18.63   Allocations will be made according to the following process:


a. the Federation will conduct a survey of the bargaining unit members each term and will provide the joint committee with a list of members who have certified in writing that they have no other health plan or coverage and are therefore eligible to be considered for enrollment in the program.


b. members will apply to the Federation for use of the Trust Fund each term.  The Federation will make allocations each term based on criteria developed by the joint committee.


c. each year, if all the Trust is not utilized, the remainder will be held in the Trust and subsequent year's contributions will be reduced by that amount.


d. the Federation may allocate up to 5% of the fund annually for administrative expenses.