Article 27 Facilities, Parking & Safety

27.1     Management and the Federation agree that a safe and healthful work and learning environment contribute to the prevention of injuries the reduction of property damage, and recognize that campus violence is a matter of mutual concern. 
27.2      Management, Faculty and Academic Professional will strive to maintain a safe and healthful work and educational environment and will attempt to reduce the number of preventable accidents and incidents of violence on campus. 
27.3     Management Responsibilities.  Management will maintain a College Health and Safety Risk Management program tailored to the needs of each College campus, center and activity. 
27.4      Employee Responsibilities.  Employees recognize that contributing to a safe work and educational environment is part of their role as professionals.  Therefore, they will comply with established health and safety rules and procedures as established by law.  Administrative Agency regulations and College policy, communicate safety standards by students, monitor compliance with those standards by students, and reports to appropriate Management officials regarding unsafe conditions and practices.  
27.5     Reporting and Response.  Employees will report unsafe conditions or practices on a form provided by the College to the College Safety Officer with a copy to the employee’s Administrative Supervisor and to the Federation.  Management will provide the reporting employee and the Federation with a timely summary of findings and recommendations. 
27.6      Offices will be provided appropriate to the time and tasks to be performed, subject to structural and space limitations.  In the development of plans for future buildings or for the remodeling of existing buildings, serious consideration will be given to Faculty office space, including part-time Faculty, that is sufficiently private to allow for preparation, evaluation and student conferences.  Affected Faculty shall be given an opportunity to express concerns and to make suggestions and/or recommendations prior to remodeling or new construction.  Consideration will also be given to providing staff eating facilities when constructing new buildings or when remodeling existing buildings. 
27.61    Campus management will provide all part-time Faculty assigned to that campus/center access to a desk or work table, a file drawer and/or bookshelf, a mailbox, a telephone, voice mail and e-mail. 
27.7  Employees shall have access to the buildings in which their office is located through the Campus Safety office.  Access to campus facilities during periods of College closure shall be as determined by the Campus President.  Access may be possible, provided that arrangements are made in advance with the Campus President.  Faculty who request them, shall be issued keys to individual offices and shall have access to copy machines. 
27.8     Part-time Faculty shall also have access to duplicating services, office supplies and equipment in accordance with College or campus/center procedures for these services. 
27.81    Part-time Faculty Stipend.  In recognition that part-time Faculty access to these services is not always the same as other College employees, the College will provide part-time bargaining unit employees with a stipend of $18 per term worked. 
27.9     Employees are encouraged to use any College facility for purposes of preparation and evaluation, provided that such areas have not been scheduled for other use.  
27.10    Counseling rooms which are sight and sound shielded shall be provided at each campus (subject to structural and space limitations) for exclusive use by Counselors when needed for clients who require more privacy than that afforded by the assigned office space. 
27.11    The College will provide general information regarding facilities and support systems available to employees throughout the District.  This information will be available at the beginning of each term for part-time faculty. 
27.12    Parking.  Employees may park in any lot designated as "staff parking" or "general parking" provided that a valid College parking permit is displayed on the employee’s vehicle.  Part-time Faculty shall be eligible to purchase "part-time staff" permits. 
27.121 Faculty and Academic Professional parking fees may be increased during the life of this Agreement only if the following conditions are met: 

1.    Revenue from the sale of parking permits are needed to support services required to reduce the College’s rate of single occupancy travel.  Any increase in cost of permits charged to Faculty and Academic Professionals shall be based on one of the following criteria: a) a mandate set forth by the DEQ/City of Portland or other appropriate regulatory agency; or, b) a projected budgetary shortfall to fund single occupancy vehicle reduction related expenditures. 
2.    Rates for Faculty and Academic Professionals will not exceed student rates. 
3.    The Federation will be notified during Winter term of any increases proposed for the next academic year, and the parties will bargain over the impact and implementation of these proposals. 
4.    If no agreement is reached by the end of Spring term, Management may implement the proposed changes, provided that such implementation is consistent with PECBA.