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Article 8 Overloads and 4th Term

8.1           Overloads and fourth term employment are assignments which exceed the work week, work year and workload definitions in Article 6 of this Agreement. The assignments of overloads and fourth term employment are Management prerogatives. The employee has no inherent right to these assignments from one academic term to the next nor from one academic year to the next. Such assignments are not mandatory for the employee except as provided in 8.3231. The preservation of curriculum continuity as a factor in educational quality will be considered when making assignments for overloads and fourth term employment. 

8.2           Overloads

8.21        Definitions 

8.211     Assignments district wide are counted toward an employee’s full load. Assignments beyond the full load will be considered an overload regardless of the location of the assignment within the district. If an employee is working less than a full load in his or her primary department, the employee cannot be assigned an overload in another department. 

8.212     Instructors: The assignment of classes in excess of the teaching load defined in Article

6.22 and in excess of the 30-hour per week on campus requirement in Article 6.21 of this Agreement.


8.213     Counselors and Librarians: The assignment of additional direct service hours or of classes in excess of the 35-hour per week on campus requirement of Articles 6.3 and

6.4 of the Agreement. For the assignment of additional days during the appointment year, see 8.3212.

8.214     Academic Professionals: The overload provisions of this Article apply only when they teach in addition to their regular full-time work assignment. The administrator may schedule the overload class during the regular workday and reschedule the workday around the class.

See Article 16.324 when Academic Professional employees teach as part of their regular work assignment.

8.215     Overloads are also in addition to the performance of professional duties as defined in Articles 5 and 6 of this Agreement.


8.22        Overload Limitations. The maximum overload assignment for Instructors (including Academic Professionals) shall be one class (not to exceed an additional 0.350 FTE teaching load factor). The maximum overload assignment for Instructors teaching one credit (Career Guidance or Library classes shall be three classes (not to exceed an additional .204 FTE teaching load factor). Overload assignments for Counselors and Librarians shall not exceed five scheduled working hours per week.


In exceptional circumstances, approved by the Dean of Instruction/Dean of Student Development, an Instructor, Counselor or Librarian may have two overloads in one term. However, no Instructor, Counselor or Librarian may have more than four overloads within three terms of an appointment year.

8.23        Employee Responsibilities. The employee shall notify her/his primary Administrative Supervisor when accepting an overload assignment from another department or campus so as not to exceed the overload limits in 8.22 of this Agreement. The employee shall not accept overload assignments which exceed the overload limitations of 8.22.


8.24        Overload Schedule. The employee's preference in the scheduling of overload classes shall be taken into consideration. However, since overloads are over and above the regular work day, provisions in Article 6.233 which limit the span of the Instructor's work day to eight hours, shall not apply.


8.25        Compensation. Overloads shall be compensated at step 9 or 5 of the applicable rates from the part-time pay schedule in Appendix C.


8.3           Fourth Term Employment. Full-time Faculty who work a fourth term will normally do so on a part- time basis; however, at Management’s discretion they may do so on a full-time basis. Faculty working on a full-time basis will be expected to perform all of the duties required of full-time Faculty as described in Article 5 – Professional Duties. 

8.31        Employment of Full-time Faculty on a Part-time Basis for Fourth Term 

8.311     Definitions 

8.3111    Instructors: The assignment of classes during a fourth term of employment for less than a full teaching load (i.e., less than .82 FTE).


8.3112    Counselors and Librarians: The assignment of classes or direct service hours for less than seven hours per day.


8.312     Compensation for part-time fourth term employment. Compensation shall be at step 8 or step 4 of the applicable rates from the part-time pay schedule in Appendix C.


8.32        Full-time Fourth Term Employment

8.321     Definitions


8.3211    Instructors: Assigned to work during a fourth term of employment with a full teaching load as defined in Article 6.22 of this Agreement for a regular eleven or twelve week term. The teaching load may be compressed during Summer term to a minimum of eight weeks and may be scheduled for a four day week.  Instructors assigned a full teaching load will complete thirty hours a week on campus.

8.3212    Counselors and Librarians: A full load for purposes of fourth term employment is defined as extra seven hour workdays in addition to the regular 176 day work year. These extra days may be assigned throughout the academic year.


8.322     Overloads during fourth term employment. No overloads will be assigned to Faculty on fourth term employment without the approval of the Executive Office. Overloads shall be compensated per 8.25.


8.323     Fourth Term Employment Schedules: A fourth term of employment may either precede or follow the regular three term appointment year.


8.3231    Fourth term employment may be a required part of an Instructor's, Counselor's or Librarian's work year when necessitated by the needs of programs and when their salaries are funded in whole or in part by grants or contracts.


8.324     Employee responsibilities. The employee shall notify her/his primary administrator if accepting an assignment from another department or campus during fourth term employment, whether full-time, part-time or on an overload basis.


8.325     Approval and Compensation. Fourth term employment for full workload assignments shall be paid at 100% of the Full time Faculty member’s hourly rate on the full-time Faculty Salary Schedule in effect at the time of the fourth term employment.  Full- time fourth term employment can only be approved by the District President or her/his designee and the approval must be in advance in writing.  (See Appendix A.)