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Article 5 Professional Duties

The professional duties listed in this Article are those for which employees are assessed and compensated. Department assignments may be more specific. These professional duties will be performed under the supervision of Management.

5.1           All employees shall perform their duties in a professional manner during the course of the academic year, including the following:


5.11        Provide services to students in a manner which does not discriminate as to race, creed, religion, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, sexual preference or marital status.

5.12        Remain current in their respective fields. Teaching Faculty assigned to programs that train students for employment in fields which require certification or licensure shall possess certification or licensure which meets or exceeds that required for employment in the field.


5.13        Maintain College safety standards in their work areas; ensure that students are trained in good safety practices; and make reasonable efforts to ensure that students follow good safety practices.  (See Article 27.4.)

5.14        Comply with published College Policies and Procedures. Management will notify employees of those policies and procedures applicable to their work.


5.2           Full-time Instructors, full- and part-time Counselors, Librarians and Academic Professionals will be assigned the following duties according to the needs of the department and the abilities of the individual.  Part-time Counselors and Librarians may not be required to perform the duties in 5.21 and

5.22 and will be compensated if performance of these duties is directed by the Administrative Supervisor:


5.21        Attend and participate in college-wide, campus/center division, department and program meetings and activities.

5.22        Serve on subject area committees and/or such other College committees as may be assigned.

5.23        Assist in the recruitment of students. 

5.24        Provide professional assistance to staff and students, including mentoring. 

5.25        Provide information and assistance on College operations as may be requested.

5.26        Compile and/or research data as may be assigned. 

5.3           Instructors, consistent with the requirements and standards of the department and the qualifications of individual Instructors, shall perform the following professional duties. Part-time Instructors are not required to perform the duties in 5.35 and 5.36, and will only be compensated for performing these duties when authorized in writing by the Division Dean.


5.31        Be responsible for guiding assigned students in meeting their respective educational goals, exercising professional judgment based upon the instructor’s knowledge of the subject matter, needs of the individual students, teaching strategies of the instructional modality, inter- personal relationships and teaching theory.


5.32        Instruct students, using approved course content and outcome guides developed by college- wide subject area Faculty.

5.33        Assess and grade student achievement of learning outcomes.

5.34        Use student feedback to improve teaching. 

5.35        Revise/develop courses and curriculum. The development of new courses or the major revision of existing courses shall be in accordance with Article 6.24. 

5.36        Provide registration, advising and guidance assistance to students. 

5.4           Special Provisions for Part-time Instructors. In addition to their work related to the course(s) that they teach (i.e. preparation, teaching, assessing, reporting), part-time Instructors are expected to do the following as part of their compensated duties:

5.41        Be available for a reasonable amount of student contact to respond to questions and to resolve problems related to the course through time spent before or after class or through telephone or e-mail exchanges or office hours where facilities and schedules permit.


5.42        Attend one staff meeting (approximately two hours or less) per term as directed by the College and when notified by the Division Dean. A staff development activity may be substituted for the required staff meeting with the approval of the Division Dean.


5.43        Be responsible for providing additional hours of course-related student conferences or tutoring over and above classroom instruction when courses are designated as requiring such. Conference hours for designated writing courses are specified in Article 6.222. The designation of writing courses and other courses requiring additional hours will be made by Management.  Faculty are required to schedule and work those hours.


5.5           Librarians, consistent with the requirements and standards of the department and the qualifications of the individual Librarian, shall:


5.51        Be responsible for providing Library Services for the College, exercising professional judgment based on adequate knowledge of library service and media technology.


5.52        Assist in the operation of the centers by performing special assignments such as organizing, cataloguing the collection, researching in automation or vendor options and studying the effectiveness of operations. 

5.53        Provide reference services utilizing conventional and electronic data base resources.

5.54        Evaluate and select materials to support the College curriculum and the educational, personal, social and vocational needs of the College community.


5.55        Instruct groups and individuals in effective use of learning resources and teach students information literacy skills to enable them to become lifelong learners.


5.6           Counselors, consistent with the requirements and standards of the department and the qualifications of the individual Counselor, shall:


5.61        Be responsible for counseling and guiding any assigned or requesting students and special program students in meeting their respective educational, personal, social and vocational goals, using judgment consistent with standards of the appropriate professional association, licensing board, and state and federal guidelines, and based upon adequate knowledge of counseling practices, methods, techniques, interpersonal relationships and community resources. This may include providing registration, advising and guidance assistance to students.


5.62        Administer and/or interpret appropriate standardized tests that are made available by the counseling department.


5.63        Assist Management in revising, updating and evaluating career exploration and testing programs. 

5.64        Provide consultative support services to College staff. 

5.65        Provide group counseling sessions, seminars, workshops and career or personal development classes. The individual Counselor's preference shall be given serious consideration in making assignments.

For full-time Counselors, assignments to career or personal development classes shall not exceed twenty percent of the term workload, without the consent of the individual Counselor. When assigned teaching responsibilities as a part of their direct services workload, Counselors will be allowed one hour of office time per week for every three teaching contact hours per week. This will be credited to the Counselor's direct service time and not against their weekly non-student contact time. When part-time Counselors teach these courses, they will be compensated as Instructors for the assignment.


5.7           Academic Professionals, in accordance with the requirements of the job description provided by Management, shall provide specialized support services to students, Faculty and Management. These services may include program coordination, administrative functions, advising, consulting, training, tutoring, marketing, program development, grant development, job development and/or field supervision of students.


In the event a part-time academic professional is also employed by the College in another capacity, (e.g., part-time faculty, or part-time classified), such other employment shall be treated separately and in accordance with the terms of the applicable collective bargaining Agreement, if any.


An Academic Professional may also be assigned to teach as a part of her/his regular work week. A teaching assignment is any assignment in which an Academic Professional performs all of the duties expected of full-time Faculty under 5.3 or teaches classes being taught by full-time or part-time Faculty members. Academic Professionals who teach as a part of their regular assignment will be paid a teaching stipend in accordance with Article 16.324. Academic Professionals who teach outside of their regular assignment will be paid at the Faculty overload rate contained in Article 8 and the overload limits of 8.214 and 8.22 shall apply. 

5.71        Academic Professional Job Classification System 

Management will maintain a job classification system for Academic Professionals. Management will conduct such job studies as it deems appropriate, evaluate and/or reevaluate employee jobs according to that classification system, and make such revisions in the system and related procedures as it deems necessary and appropriate.

5.72        Academic Professional Job Classification Appeals Procedure

An employee may appeal the decision regarding the classification of her/his job after using the College procedure for requesting an evaluation or reevaluation of her/his job. The appeal procedures used to appeal job classification level decisions shall allow for Federation representation at the employee's request and shall include the following steps:

5.721   The employee shall submit her/his appeal of the job level classification decision to the Director of the Human Resources Department within ten business days of the date on the written notification. The Director of the Human Resources Department will give the employee a written decision within fifteen business days of receipt of the appeal.


5.722   The decision of the Director of the Human Resources Department may be appealed by the employee to the Academic Professional Job Factoring Appeal Committee. The appeal request must be in writing, providing such information as required by College procedures. The decision of the Academic Professional Job Factoring Appeal Committee shall be submitted in writing within thirty business days of the date of the employee's request for appeal.  Copies of the decision shall be provided to the employee and to the Director of the Human Resources Department.  The decision of the Academic Professional Job Factoring Appeal Committee shall be final and binding on the parties.


5.723   The Academic Professional Job Factoring Appeal Committee shall include three administrators, at least two of whom shall have direct or indirect supervision of Academic Professionals. The Federation shall be requested to appoint two Academic Professionals and will provide replacements at the request of the Academic Professional Job Factoring Appeal Committee. Human Resources Department staff will function only as support staff to the Committee.


5.8           Reclassification of jobs from one employee category to another within the bargaining unit

5.81        When Management determines that the duties and responsibilities of an employee's job have changed substantially, a change may be required in the employee category to which that job is assigned (i.e. Instructor, Counselor, Librarian, Academic Professional).

5.82        When this occurs, the procedures provided in the reduction in force Article in this Agreement (specifically Articles 24.21, 24.22, and 24.23) shall be followed. The employee identified for layoff may be offered the new job as an alternative to layoff if qualified for the new job.