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Article 15 Tuition Waiver

15.1     Full tuition shall be waived for any eligible employee and for the employee’s eligible dependents who enroll in classes at Portland Community College.  Such classes may be with or without credit.  Temporary employees (one, two or three terms) are eligible for tuition waivers during the period of their employment only. 
15.11 Eligible dependents include the employee’s spouse/domestic partner and dependent children under the age of 24 and as defined by the Federal Internal Revenue Service; or, a dependent child who is incapable of self-support because permanently mentally or physically incapacitated and became so before age 24. 
15.12    Full-time Faculty/Academic Professional.  
 15.121 The tuition waiver shall apply to a maximum of eight credit hours per term. 
 15.122 Eligible dependents shall be eligible for up to 19 credits per term each for a maximum of the credits required to obtain a two year degree in a College program.   
15.13    Part-time Faculty/Academic Professional. 
 15.131 The tuition waiver shall apply to a maximum of six credit hours or two classes per term, whichever is greater.  
 15.132  For part-time Faculty, tuition waivers may be used during a term in which the Faculty member is employed and during the term which immediately follows the term in which the Faculty member is employed. 
 15.133 Eligible dependents shall be entitled to a maximum of six hours or two classes per term, whichever is greater.  A child who is an eligible dependent of two part-time Faculty or Academic Professional employees is entitled to a maximum of twelve credits or four classes per term, whichever is greater. 
15.2     The employee shall register for any Portland Community College classes during employee’s non-working hours and in accordance with the College’s registration schedule and procedure.  
15.3     Attendance at any class by an employee shall not interfere with the employee’s regular responsibilities to students or with the employee’s classes and other assigned duties. 
15.4     It is understood that no class will be conducted which would not have met without the enrollment of such tuition waiver students.  A non-tuition waiver student shall not displace a tuition paying student.  
15.5     The tuition waiver may be used by an employee or eligible dependent for CED/CEU courses.  The dollar value per term for CED/CEU classes shall not exceed the dollar value of tuition (as approved by the Board) for the maximum number of above hours of credit classes.