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VoiceThread Tutorials:
VoiceThread: This site gives you a full picture of the capabilities of VoiceThread as well as many easy to understand tutorials. 

VoiceThread Simply Speaking from VoiceThread on Vimeo.

Making Sense of Assessment with VoiceThread (great modeling and example at about 10 minutes, connection to formative assessment at about 20 minutes, and methods for developing slides at about 28:30)
Making Sense of Assessment with VoiceThread Resource List: This is by far the best listing of examples, rubrics, and dialogue about how to use VoiceThread in the arts classroom that I have found on the internet. This is an excellent resource for taking you to the next step with VoiceThread.

Getting started with setting up your VoiceThread account. This method works well for elementary students where they will use your account to access the content. One user, multiple commentators.

Additional Resources from Others Using VoiceThread:
@rt Junction: Several examples, manuals, and resource library.

VoiceThread Library: Here you will find content specific arts VoiceThread examples within this library directly from VoiceThread... just scroll down a bit and you will see "Visual/Performing Arts."

Connecting with Others:
Art Education 2.0 Site: Within this group, you can connect with other educators who are using VoiceThread specifically within visual arts classrooms. This site is searchable and simply requires a free account to get you connected with other arts educators utilizing this powerful tool. 

VoiceThread in Action with Schools:
Here is an example of how one school (MN Online High School) utilizes VoiceThread for it's student accounts. The school subscribes to VoiceThread so that each student can generate their own VoiceThreads as well as engage with teacher generated VoiceThreads. Each student generates one VoiceThread Portfolio for submission of their media arts work. This allows responses from both the teacher and the larger group of students for formative and summative evaluation purposes. The above PDF document outlines the step-by-step process used by the course. (Document written by Sarah Carsello, IT Engineer, MN Online High School www.mnohs.org, info@mnohs.org, 1-800-764-8166)

Example VoiceThreads from MNOHS Media Arts :
- In the document entitled, Utilizing the Rule of Thirds, you will learn how to use the doodling tool to mark up an image and narrate your thinking. (Document written by Jeremy Holien and Elissa Raffa , © MN Online High School www.mnohs.org, info@mnohs.org, 1-800-764-8166) 

Minnesota Online High School: Analyzing Negative Space:
(© Jeremy Holien & MNOHS)
This VoiceThread is an example "respond process" assignment for the MNOHS Media Arts course. It allows for the students to identify and describe the artistic use of negative space within the overall composition of these photographs. In the corollary "create process" of this assignment, students apply their understandings of using negative space into the creation of photographs by utilizing negative space. 

Minnesota Online High School: Responding Critically VoiceThread
(© Jeremy Holien and MNOHS)
This example VoiceThread utilizes the Critical Response Protocol for ascertaining student responses and understandings through careful, inquiry-based unpacking of a single photograph. For more information about the Critical Response Protocol, please see this link.

Implications to Arts Classrooms:
How and Why to Flip you Classroom with VoiceThread with Michelle Pacanksy-Brock

How and Why to Flip your Classroom with VoiceThread from VoiceThread on Vimeo.

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