Our Company's Evolution

From the Big Bang, the PC evolved into life in 1981. Just one year after our founder, Giorgio, had been bitten by the computer programming bug during his first year at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. By 1984, Giorgio had opened his first computer business Rock City Computers in Chattanooga, TN. Rock City BBS then became the first online (modem based, no internet yet) store in Chattanooga. We evolved into Northgate Computer Systems. Sold it and evolved into IslandBase in Puerto Rico and PC Land in Venezuela. Back stateside in 1990 with PC Land which evolved into PC911.Biz and now SkyApps.Us! During this time technology evolved from a MS-DOS 2.01 monochrome display PC to more colorful and powerful PCs, single PCs evolved into networks, servers became keepers of data, the internet was born and quickly became more powerful than local servers, and thus the Cloud Services era was born. SkyApps.Us is the resulting highly evolved IT entity that continues to evolve as new technology arrives.

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