Welcome to the Historic Event Restoration Operative Epic Services, otherwise known as H.E.R.O.E.S.

Our mission is to save history from the villains who attempt to change it. Any changes in history can affect the present, so it is imperative that we do everything possible to preserve it.

These are your assigned teams. You MUST work together on your missions.

Team #1
League of Legends
Captain: Landslide Water (Jazmin)
Team Members: Captain Sky (Adara), The Caped Girl (Sukhman), Tank (Jordan), Shape Shifter (George)
Team #2
Rising Elements
Captain: Water Woman (Celina)
Team Members: Rising Angel (Ruth), Mini Hippo Man (Vincent), Lake Girl (Emma), The Black Phantom (Amandeep)
Team #3
Agents Titanium
Captain: Titanium Defiance (Onyx)
Team Members: The Bear Hunter (Ryan), Churro Man (Christian), Invincible (Natalie), Anti Virus (Angel)
Team #4
Rising Crusaders
Captain: Electrys (Kristen)
Team Members: Speed-Envy (Trinity), Flexed Intelligence (Mickalya), King Loran (Kamryn), Dark Defender (Sasha)
Team #5
Ancient Protectors
Captain: Tigris (Leia)
Team Members: Midnight Shadow (Dulce), Starlight (Jasmin), Captain SasParkle (Fernando), Electro Spider (Angel), Speed Shock (Brandon)
Team #6
Captain: Xcelerator (Janae)
Team Members: POM Girl (Angela), The Wonder (Khushnaaz), Undercover Commando (Amarbir), Black Dragon (Jannet)