Frequently Asked Questions

These facts are frequently asked questions that come up when volunteering for PBS SoCaL. If you have any further questions regarding PBS SoCaL or our volunteer program, please call Melissa Carter at 714.241.4179 or Jamie Annunzio- Myers at 714.241.4117.

I’ve turned in my application, answered a few questions and been “referred” — now what? 

When is PBS SoCaL open? 
The office hours at our Costa Mesa facility are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. If you will be volunteering at a location other than our Costa Mesa facility, ask your supervisor about hours of operation and access. If you are volunteering before or after business hours, ask your supervisor for appropriate access.

Is PBS SoCaL ever closed? 
PBS SoCaL offices will be closed on the following holidays: 
New Year’s Day 
Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday 
President’s Day 
Memorial Day 
Independence Day 
Labor Day 
Thanksgiving Day (2 days) 
Christmas Day (2days) 
New Year’s Eve

How do I get into the PBS SoCaL building after hours? 
If you need to access the building after hours, make arrangements with your supervisor. If you are part of a meeting or training, typically there will be a sign on the door stating the extension to dial. If large numbers of volunteers are expected, a leadership volunteer will likely staff the lobby or front desk and let you in.

Where can I smoke while interning PBS SoCaL? 
Smoking is not allowed in PBS SoCaL buildings, vehicles or within 10 feet of any entrance of our Costa Mesa building.

Where do I park? 
Interns/Volunteers have access to PBS SoCaL’s parking structure while serving at the Costa Mesa facility. Your parking will be validated. If you are volunteering someplace other than the Costa Mesa offices, discuss parking arrangements with your supervisor.

I ride my bike to PBS SoCaL. Where should I lock it up? 
It is recommended that you lock it in the appropriate location within the parking structure.

Which bus lines go by PBS SoCaL? 
OCTA buses travel throughout Orange County. For the best route and access go to

When I arrive at PBS SoCaL, what should I do? 
Before you arrive to intern at PBS SoCaL, you should know for whom you are volunteering and what you will be doing. The next step is to check in at the Volunteer Information Center (VIC) at the front desk. If you do not have a name badge, they will provide you with one at the front desk. At that time, tell the receptionist for whom you will be volunteering and he/she will contact that person.

If I intern, am I more likely to get a job at PBS SoCaL? 
Interns are welcome to apply for paid positions. Please keep in mind that PBS SoCaL does not give preferential treatment to any group of applications. PBS SoCaL is an Equal Opportunity Employer and actively pursues equal employment opportunity for all qualified individuals.

I left an item at PBS SoCaL. Whom should I call? 
The front desk receptionist maintains the lost and found. Call 714.241.4100.

What are PBS, CPB and NPR? 
These acronyms stand for Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and National Public Radio (NPR).

Where does PBS SoCaL funding come from? 
64% of PBS So Cal’s funding is raised locally through individual members and business partners, 17% comes from corporate support, 13% comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 6% comes from sales, services and other sources.

Thank you for your interest and support in PBS SoCaL!