Mrs. Dunlavey's English 401/ World Geography, NHS, Scholastic Bowl

Welcome Back!

401 Writing Idea Folder Assignment Sheet

Please keep this in your writing idea folder.

Each Writing Idea Folder should include the following:

  1. A list of topic ideas for personal narratives.

  2. Brainstorming and prewriting for each personal narrative.

  3. One personal narrative of at least 500 words for each week of this unit.  There will probably end up being 4 or 5 total.  

  4. Any in-class writing prompts that we do.

More information:

  • Weekly personal narratives will be checked on Monday.  

  • Weekly personal narratives may be typed or handwritten.

  • Weekly personal narratives are a FIRST DRAFT, and do not have to be polished.

  • You will workshop your narratives with a partner in class to choose which ones have to most potential to re-work into a more polished paper.

  • You will then workshop the one you choose with me to create that more polished paper.  

  • Weekly personal narratives should be stories from your life (with some creative license).  Focus on expanding the moment and providing details that add interest.  

Some topic ideas for personal narratives:

  • Favorite childhood memories

  • Family vacations

  • Turning points in your life

  • A first experience with something

  • A description of a person, place, thing, or event that has had an impact on you

  • Memories of favorite pets

  • Stories about family members or friends

  • Something hard that you had to work through

****DO NOT write anything in these narratives that you (or any of the other people mentioned) would not want someone else to read.  Feel free to use fake names if necessary.  Keep all narratives school appropriate.  If I read anything that I feel would necessitate a call to parents, administration, or guidance, I will do so.  


Requirements for paper revisions:

    On an attached sheet of paper

    1.  List all major changes (lump small things together)

    2.  Explain why you changed what you did (be specific)

    3.  Tell me what you think you should get on the new             paper and why (again, be specific)

301 Foster Lessons will start on March 27 (unless otherwise notified).  See handout.