Mrs. Dunlavey's English 401/ World Geography, NHS, Scholastic Bowl

World Geo Article "The Syrian War is Actually Many Wars" The Atlantic

"South Africa Votes Through Motion to Sieze Lands from White Farmers without Compensation" The Independent

"Used Cars Full of Used Electronics Set Sail for Nigeria" NPR

The Canterbury Tales full-text, side-by-side edition here.

401 Adulting discussion days:

For Friday, April 20:

"Students are Being Prepared for Jobs that No Longer Exist--Here's How that Could Change" NBC News

"Inside America's Public Schools"  The New York Times

Find a source of your choice on America's public school system--bring in a summary

English 401 Independent Reading Project:

Section 1 Reading Reflection Journal due Jan. 24

Section 2 Feb. 7

Section 3 Feb. 21

Section 4 March 7

Final Paper March 21

Attach a piece of paper in which you answer the following questions IN DETAIL USING TEXT SUPPORT. You must do FOUR of these reflection sheets during the course of your book.

Also, include 1-2 important quotes from the section that we can use in class for quote analysis.

English 401                                         IRP Paper Semester 2


Objective:  Argue the existence and significance of ONE theme (claim) being made in your IRP book.

Nuts and Bolts:  500-750 words, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman or something similar, black or dark blue ink.  Include a works cited page and in-text citations in MLA style. 

Things to include:

·         A clear, direct thesis statement

·         LOTS of specific text support—some quotes, some summaries, some paraphrases

o   You MUST use at least THREE quotes from the book, introduced using signal phrases and explained

·         Any background information that you need to explain your argument

·         An introduction with a hook and a conclusion that summarizes the argument and provides a final thought

·         In-text citations and a works cited page in MLA style

Things to remember:

·         Don’t forget about the “So What?” factor—why is this significant?

·         Formal language—slang and contractions only when used as a stylistic device

·         Proper English—PROOFREAD!  Vitamin mistakes will be an automatic five-point deduction

·         Explain your argument thoroughly and include lots of text support

·         Weave quotes seamlessly into the fabric of your writing

You will be graded on:

·         Focus/elaboration/text support

·         Structure, organization, and paragraphing

·         Style

o   Quote Integration!

·         Mechanics

·         MLA Citations

·         Your writing focus—attach your writing focus reminder sheet to your final draft. 

I strongly recommend using an outline to organize your thoughts. 

A rough draft is due IN CLASS on March 16. 

The final draft is due by the end of the day on March 21.  

Reading Reflection Journal Questions:


         1.        What happened in this section? (short summary)

        2.         While you were reading today, describe what you pictured in your mind about the story? (visualization)

        3.       Which character do you connect with the most and why? (personal connection)

        4.       Which part of your book are you having the most difficulty understanding or connecting with? (self-evaluation)

        5.       Which part of the story caused the most intense feelings in you? Why? (emotional connection)

        6.        How realistic is the plot of your book? Explain. (critical thinking)

        7.       Which character would you like to have as a friend and why? (personal connection)

        8.        What do you think will happen in the next section you read? (prediction)

        9.       If you could "jump" into your book right now, what would you do in the story and why? (personal connection)

        10.   What event, setting or character in this book reminds you of your life and why? (personal connection)

        11.   Would you recommend this book or story to someone else?  Why? (critical evaluation)

        12.   Does this book make a claim?  If so, what is it? What evidence supports that claim? (Theme)

        13.   Create a hashtag for this section.  (summary)



Requirements for paper revisions:

    On an attached sheet of paper

    1.  List all major changes (lump small things together)

    2.  Explain why you changed what you did (be specific)

    3.  Tell me what you think you should get on the new paper and why (again, be specific)

Turn in both the old paper and the new paper.