Tertiary Coaching Role

The District Tertiary Demonstration Coaching Role is .5 FTE.
  1. Direct support to selected buildings

    1. Three buildings in first year
      • Three more each additional year (while continuing in initial schools)
    2. Co-Facilitate Tertiary Team process meetings in each building
    3. Provide TA and support to Tertiary Team members
    4. Provide TA and support to Wraparound Facilitators
    5. Assist with data collection and data-based decision-making process

  2. 2) District-level support

    1. Data collection & reporting to PBIS Network
    2. Co-Facilitate District Tertiary Team meetings
    3. Facilitate district-level data analysis, review
    4. Facilitate expansion and sustainability of practices district-wide

  3. Trainings

    1. Active participation in all Tertiary trainings provided by PBIS Network
    2. Assist building and district staff in participating in trainings
      • Assist all teams in bringing necessary items to trainings

  4. Technical Assistance re:

    1. Effective team meetings
    2. Support to students & families
    3. FBA/BIP
    4. Wraparound facilitation
    5. Data-based decision-making (including SIMEO)

  5. Liaison

    1. To/from PBIS Technical Assistance Coordinator
    2. To/from Building Tertiary Teams
    3. To/from District Tertiary Team
    4. To/from district staff (not involved with selected schools)
    5. To/from year 2 and year 3 schools/staff