Student Successfully Transitions out of Special Education Placement (12/09)

posted Feb 7, 2011, 8:40 AM by Cheryle Kennelly

A concerned mother of a fifth grade student, Kendall, was dissatisfied with his progress in his special education classroom.  She moved to another district where she knew positive behavior approaches were being used. She declined special education placement, opting instead for support within the general education setting in his fifth grade year. An individualized plan, including Check-in Check-out (CICO), was developed by the principal, teacher, school psychologist and his mother. Previous problems of aggression and refusal to complete assignments were prevented. Concerned about his transition from elementary school, the team worked with district administrators to ensure his placement in a middle school using PBIS.

The middle school team met with Kendall and his mother in the spring of 2009 to design a plan for sixth grade that included a male staff member as a mentor. Kendall has forged a strong, positive relationship with his mentor; they play basketball together as an incentive for him to remain on track. His mentor also keeps in close contact with other teachers, allowing any issues to be proactively addressed.

Kendall has consistently met or exceeded his daily CICO point goal during the first quarter of sixth grade. He has had only one minor discipline referral, one lunch detention and no major discipline referrals. His team is celebrating his current 2.9 GPA and focusing on even greater academic achievement.